9 Best Summer Iced Tea Recipes: The Ultimate Compilation

Welcome! If you’re finding the best recipes for homemade iced tea, you have come to right place. If you just casually come across, let us convince you to try one today.

From everyone’s classic favourites to innovative flavour combinations that will tantalise your taste buds, this collection of recipes has been carefully curated to provide anyone with the most invigorating and flavourful iced tea creations. 

But first, let us take you through the essentials of iced tea making that every tea drinker, or maker, should know.

This picture includes 3 pictures of the best iced tea recipes that we curated which are orange sunshine tisane cooler on the left, orange-hue thai iced tea in the middle and normal cold brew iced tea with fruits on the right, in this case it is lemon and strawberries

4 Ways of Making Iced Tea

“Are there are different ways of making iced tea? Which method yields the best taste? Which one is the quickest?”

There are indeed various ways to make iced tea and it is essential that you understand the differences between them to choose the best suited to your liking. Generally, there are 4 ways of making any iced tea drinks that you should know: Cold Brew (the most time-consuming), Hot Brew (the most popular), Ice Chill (the quickest), Sun Brew (the most… unique)

1. Cold Brew

Cold brewing refers to the process of steeping tea in cold water in the fridge for a few hours to extract the flavours of the tea gradually. The cold brew method takes 4-6 hours to extract full flavour, but it’s super smooth and crisp with no bitterness.

2. Hot Brew

Hot brewing, on the other hand, involves brewing tea in hot water and then cooling it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving, either with ice or not. It may sound fairly easy but over-steeping it can lead to a bitter drink

3. Ice Chill

For the ice-chill method, tea is initially brewed using hot water and then rapidly chilled by adding a generous amount of ice to the beverage. This is the quickest method, however, the flavour won’t be consistent compared to other methods. Before the ice melts, the tea will taste sweeter than afterwards.

4. Sun Brew

Tea is placed outside to steep under the sun’s rays. However, the temperature of this process typically reaches 130°F, not hot enough to kill bacteria. If you want try this method, brew the tea for only 4 hours in a sanitised container and in a quantity consumed in a day. Then refrigerate it right away to prevent bacterial growth.

Best Tea Type for Iced Tea?

“But what about different types of tea? Which one is the commonly preferred for a refreshing iced tea?”

It is true that different types of tea will taste differently, more or less, subtly or noticeably. But it’s no big deal, teapro’s got your back! Some kinds of tea are more popular than others and thus, more commonly used to make iced tea. In this case, they are:


1. Black Tea: 

When it comes to making iced tea, black tea is a timeless choice due to its robust flavour and ability to hold up well against ice and other additions. 


2. Green Tea: 

For a milder flavour, green tea is a great choice. It complements other flavours like fruits than overpowering with the signature bitter taste of tea.

3. Herbal Tea: 

Ah, the “healthy” type. If you’re looking for a flavourful, soothing, caffeine-free alternative, nothing is better than herbal tea.



4. Fruit Tea: 

This is usually the most refreshing, flavourful one as it is made from fruit. Most fruit tea is quite zesty, also caffeine-free like herbal tea and full of Vitamin C!

So in short, our answer, though not so helpful, is that it totally depends on your taste and how far you are willing to go for an iced tea. The fun of homemade iced tea lies in messing around with the recipe and suddenly discovering that some tea types fit your palate more than others. 

The world of iced tea is full of possibilities, so have fun exploring and creating your own refreshing concoctions! Or, just stick to the recipe.

9 Best Summer Iced Tea Recipes

Disclaimer: the recipes are in the ascending order, meaning that easy, quick recipes will come first, followed by more sophisticated, time-consuming and niche ones. So whether you’re a casual iced tea drinker or a home bartender wannabe, we got you covered.

1. Lemon Iced tea 

The classic. Every time we think of summer, we think of Lemon Iced Tea. It is refreshing, easy and quick to make. We can find all the ingredients needed at home. What is more convenient than all of that right?

To make a tasty, tart yet sweet Lemon Iced Tea, you will need tea (black tea recommended), lemon juice, sugar and water. A homemade Ice Chill Lemon Iced Tea usually has the best taste. If you want to add a twist on it, top it with some mint.

Get the Full Recipe here
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2. Cold Brew Iced Tea with Fresh Fruit

When we say that this recipe is as easy and simple as it sounds, we really mean it. All you need is any tea type of your choice (we recommend black tea in this case), some fruit, a handful of ice and then cold brew it for around 6-8 hours or overnight for the best taste. 

However, if you’re not the type of person who likes to play it by ear and would rather stick to a recipe, no problem at all. To have the best cold brew black iced tea with fresh fruit, we recommend using loose leaf tea for a fresher, better quality. You can then add some slices of strawberries and lemons topped with some basil leaves. 

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3. Passion Fruit Iced Tea

This refreshing concoction combines the exotic allure of passion fruit with the familiar comfort of iced tea. Bursting with tangy and tropical flavors, this beverage is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. The vibrant orange hue and aromatic aroma will awaken your senses and leave you longing for more.

You’ll need no more than 4 ingredients for this – black tea, passion fruit, water and sweetener. Served over ice, it offers a cooling respite on hot summer days, instantly whisking you away to a beachside getaway. 

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4. Peach, Mint and Raspberry Iced Tea

If you’re a big fan of peach tea, yet would like something less… traditional than you cannot miss this one! This delightful blend combines the luscious sweetness of ripe peaches with the invigorating freshness of mint leaves, all perfectly complemented by the vibrant, tangy burst of juicy raspberries.

For this recipe, instead of using the normal tea types, we will use not just 2 but 2 types of fruit tea, peach tea and mint tea, together with a handful of fresh raspberries and some honey drizzle, for the best outburst of flavour. And of course, a peach tea will be incomplete without slices of peach!

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5. Orange Sunshine Tisane Cooler

If you’re looking for a recipe that refreshing and invigorating at the same time then this zesty iced tea is definitely a must-try! With a bit of ginger, orange, rosemary and orange sunshine tisane, topped with honey and ice, this recipe is incredibly easy to make. 

For this specific tisane, we recommend either cold brew overnight to bring out the most amount of vitamins and nutrients, or hot brew and make a concentrated fruit tisane , then dilute it with cold water and tonnes of ice. It will take around 2-4 hours for the tea concentration to cool down fully. 

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6. Vanilla Almond Iced Tea

You may be familiar with Arnold Palmer’s famous half lemonade, half tea drink, but get ready for a delightful twist! This recipe takes that classic concept and adds a touch of indulgence with vanilla extract and almond extract. 

Like the name of it, the ingredients include tea, frozen lemonade, sweetener, water (of course), vanilla extract and almond extract. Once you experience this flavorful concoction, it’s safe to say that you’ll never want to enjoy tea any other way again. It’s smooth, creamy, velvety, nutty, aromatic.

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7. Iced Watermelon Basil Matcha

Watermelon, Matcha and Basil? This recipe sounds like it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. However, if you’re a fan of Watermelon and Matcha, this is no doubt the best of both worlds. 

Fresh watermelon is pureed alongside fragrant basil leaves, creating a harmonious fusion of natural sweetness and herbaceous freshness. Layered with the vibrant green hue of matcha, this visually stunning drink is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds.

If basil isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry! You can still enjoy a delightful glass of regular Iced Watermelon Matcha. However, if you’re looking to enhance the flavours further, replacing the basil with another herb like fresh mint or moringa leaves is also a great option

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8. Jungle Berry Tea Cooler

If you’re feeling a summer cooler that is fancier than a normal iced tea – something… more like a mocktail, then nothing can beat the extravagant Jungle Berry Tea Cooler. To make the tea syrup, just brew a concentrated fruit tisane with our Jungle Berry. You might then ask “but there are 4 different methods, which one should I choose?”

Totally depends on which side of the bed you woke up. If a healthy, nutrient, vitamin-infused mocktail sounds more appealing to you, then definitely go for the cold brew method. Otherwise, if you are an impatient person when it comes to drinks and can’t wait try this recipe right away (like us), then we recommend either hot brew or ice chill.

After you have your tea syrup, regardless of what method you chose, crush an orange with rosemary, add elderflower pressé and ice cubes and give everything a good shake like a true bartender on a Saturday night. Oh and don’t forget your honey drizzle afterwards, that’s the soul of the Jungle Berry Tea Cooler!

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9. Thai Iced Tea 

Isn’t this recipe a bit out of nowhere?” 

Arguably. But it’s intentional. As we reckon that you might grow sick of common recipes when it comes to iced tea, so we decided to include a small treat, like the cherry on the cake.

Known for its signature burnt orange hue, this iced tea has a rich, creamy, distinct flavour unlike any others. The secret lies in the combination of black tea and a medley of spices, such as star anise, cardamom, and cinnamon sticks, which infuse the tea with a captivating depth of taste.

Sweetened with condensed milk and evaporated milk then served over ice, this indulgent treat offers a harmonious blend of velvety sweetness and a subtle hint of spiciness. Whether you’re seeking an afternoon pick-me-up or a refreshing escape, this Thai Tea recipe is sure to transport you to the bustling markets and vibrant flavours of Thailand.

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And there you have it, our ultimate compilation of the 9 best summer iced tea recipes.

From the classic and timeless to the bold and experimental, these recipes offer something for every palate and preference. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hosting a backyard gathering, or simply seeking a refreshing treat on a sweltering day, these iced tea creations are sure to impress and delight.

So, grab your pitcher, gather your ingredients, and enjoy!

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