Cake Day Pu-Erh Box


It’s cake day! Time to travel through the dark and mysterious world of aged tea in our “Pu-erh box”. Pu-erh is a style of tea originated in Yunnan Province. It is often compressed into cakes or other shapes and aged for many years. It’s one of the most expensive tea varieties in the world, with some tea cakes reaching millions at auctions!


2015 Snow Kissed Raw Pu-erh Braids

Grown 2km above sea level from ancient tea trees, this incredibly unique and high quality 2015 aged pu-erh offers many smooth and fragrant steeps.

Year: 2015
Weight: 15g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Mellow, Light
Flavour: Mineral, Smooth

2013 Golden Buds Ripe Pu-erh Brick

Golden buds from the ancient tea trees of the hidden tea forest on Bulang Mountain pressed into a traditional pu-erh brick shape, reminiscent of tea dating back 1,700 years ago.

Year: 2015
Weight: 50g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Musty, Dark, Mellow
Flavour: Smooth, Chocolate, Earthy

2012 Selection of ripe mini tuo chas

A selection of our favourite Yunnan mini tuocha pu-erh cakes. Chysanthemum and Rose flowers are pressed into the pu-erh cakes whilst Nuo Mi Xiang, a Yunnan herb is responsible for the sticky rice aroma.

Year: 2012
Weight: 15g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China

1999 Golden Nuggets Supreme Pu-erh

Golden Nuggets come from Golden tipped aged ripe pu-erh. The highly prized nuggets occur during natural fermentation and each “Cha Tou” or “tea nugget” can be steeped over 15 times.

Year: 1999
Weight: 12g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Smoke, Oak,
Flavour: Smooth, Malt, Wood, Bourbon

3 Piece Infuser Glass

Watch your gorgeous tea unfurl as it steeps in the teapro double wall glass, easy to clean 3-piece loose leaf tea infuser glass.

Sandalwood Pu-erh Knife

A classically designed tool necessary for prying open pu-erh cakes with a screw on safety cover. Has a sharp stainless steel end so please keep out of reach of children and handle with care.

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