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It’s cake day! Time to travel through the dark and mysterious world of aged tea in our “Pu-erh box”. Pu-erh is a style of tea originated in Yunnan Province. It is often compressed into cakes or other shapes and aged for many years. It’s one of the  most expensive tea varieties in the world, with some tea cakes reaching millions at auctions!


2009 Yunnan Pu-erh “Chenpi"

The zest of a dried Tangerine is carefully cut open and stuffed with ripened tea leaves and the zest circle returned. This traditional Yunnan tea storage method allows the tea to age and infuse with the citrus oils.

Year: 2009
Weight: 30g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Zesty, Smoky, Earthy
Flavour: Mineral, Rich, Zest

2009 Dome Shaped Sheng Tuo Cha

Our largest tea-cake. This 11 year old Raw (Sheng) Tuo Cha (dome shape) is best broken using a Pu-Erh knife, allowing you to enjoy multiple steeps and a traditional, theatrical and refreshing tea.

Year: 2009
Weight: 50g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Musty, Dark Chocolate
Flavour: Refreshing, Sweet, Chalk

2012 Jasmine Mini Tuo Cha Raw Pu-erh

Enclosed within the dome shaped Raw Yunnan tea cake is a hidden Jasmine flower. Our 2012 mini raw pu-erh cakes are each individually wrapped and can be steeped multiple times.

Year: 2009
Weight: 15g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Zesty, Bark, Damp Earth
Flavour: Smooth, Mineral, Sweet

1999 Golden Nuggets Supreme Pu-er

Golden Nuggets come from Golden tipped aged ripe pu-erh. The highly prized nuggets occur during natural fermentation and each “Cha Tou” or “tea nugget” can be steeped over 15 times.

Year: 1999
Weight: 12g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Smoke, Oak,
Flavour: Smooth, Malt, Wood, Bourbon

3 Piece Infuser Glass

Watch your gorgeous tea unfurl as it steeps in the teapro double wall glass, easy to clean 3-piece loose leaf tea infuser glass.

Sandalwood Pu-erh Knife

A classically designed tool necessary for prying open pu-erh cakes with a screw on safety cover. Has a sharp stainless steel end so please keep out of reach of children and handle with care.

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just tea, + pu-er knife and infuser glass (+£18), + just pu-er knife (+£6)


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