“Tea Magic” Magical Tea Discovery Gift Box


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Spoil your taste buds with 4 of the most magical loose leaf teas in the world!

Discover colour changing caffeine free herbal tisanes from Thailand, hand-stitched flowering tea balls, meet the iconic oolong the Iron Goddess of Mercy and savour Genmaicha’s unique popcorn sensation with our wonderfully Tea Magic Box.

Teapro - first ever educational tea subscription
Teapro - know your tea
Teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
Teapro tea subscription box
This purchase will earn you 18-33 Points!
This purchase will earn you 18-33 Points!

flowering tea

A feast for your eyes as well as taste buds.

3 stunning paper wrapped blooming teas

iron goddess

A must-try Oolong – you’ll never want to go back!

Weight: 15g

butterfly pea

A healthy blue flower tea with a colourful secret

Weight: 10g


Feel toasty and warm with the green roasted rice tea.
Weight: 15g

become a teapro

Master a new tea type each month!
Learn about each tea’s origins, processing, history,
as well as flavour profile and maximise your tea enjoyment!

Get a FREE infuser glass (RRP £16.99) in your 1st box!

new to loose-leaf tea?

Check out our handy teaware!


brewing loose leaf tea has never been easier

Our 3 piece infuser glass is the most spectacular and effortless way to brew your loose leaf tea.


designer glass teapot with cork lid

Perfect way to show off the colour of your tea in all of its glory whilst precisely monitoring the progress of any brew.


the most stylish way to store your loose leaf tea

Our luxurious glass jars with air-tight acacia wooden lid are a great way to keep your tea fresh for longer.


just tea, +infuser glass (£15), +teapro bottle (£20)

7 reviews for “Tea Magic” Magical Tea Discovery Gift Box

  1. Becky

    Each of the teas were so gorgeous, all of them full of flavours and so moreish I found myself having more than one cup in the morning and before bed! I’ve recommended teapro to all of my tea loving friends and will definitely be ordering more! Thank you Teapro!

  2. Helena Mol

    Magical. I loved every single one of these. The information booklet is concise enough, but gives great tidbits on where the tea comes from and how it’s grown and processed.

  3. Charlotte Louise

    Gorgeous diffuser glass and magical teas. So fun to learn about each one, too!

  4. Laura

    I had the magical tea gift set with tea infusing mug. Such great value and would make the perfect gift. The blooming tea is stunning to make. My favourite however is the butterfly tea which is delicious with a slice of lemon.

  5. Will Brown

    Truly magical teas! Such a great idea for a tea box!

  6. Sewwie

    My First box from TeaPro and I think it’s fantastic. Great selection of tea and beautiful glassware too. I love that the Box was wrapped beautifully and the information attached is useful to increase our tea knowledge. Will Be buying from Teapro again and look forward to the Future Boxes. Great box for Tea lovers around the world

  7. Rebekah Markewich

    I loved this box. It comes with so many great things! The glass infuser is very nice and makes it possible to watch the tea steep. I like that it has a lid to keep the tea warm.

    *I was given this product in exchange to post on social media, but my opinions are my own. I really do like this box and think it is totally worth the cost.

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