Rooibosch Box


Rooibosch Box

Step into the Western Cape of South Africa and take in the breathtakingly unique herbs around the Cederberg mountainsDiscover Green and Red Rooibos and decide your favourite variety. Introduce Lemon and Honeybush to truly explore the unique plant life of this incredible unique naturally Caffeine Free herbal paradise.


pure red rooibos

Pure Rooibos, pronounced “royboss” is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea grown exclusively in Western Cape Province of South Africa. A delightful sweet, nutty and woody flavour.

Premium, South African RedBush tea
Weight: 20g

lemon rooibos

We have tried a lot of Rooibos blends with various different flavourings but we believe the humble lemon with its citrus aroma and sweet, zesty taste brings the best out of our Rooibos and lemon friends.

Premium, South African Red Bush with lemon pieces
Weight: 20g

pure green rooibos

Unlike the oxidised Red Rooibos, Green Roobios is treated just like green tea where heat stops oxidation, resulting in a sweet, grassy naturally caffeine free refreshing and slightly fruity cup.

Premium, South African Green RedBush tea
Weight: 20g

pure honeybush

Honeybush, a close friend of Rooibos that we couldn’t leave out and is equally exclusive to South Africa, it gets better with each brew and has a uniquely sweet honey nose and more complete fruity flavour than Red Bush.

Premium, South African Honey Bush
Weight: 20g

add a 3-piece infuser glass for easy brewing



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