Rosewood Pu Erh Knife Pick


An elegant traditional Pu Erh Knife made from Rosewood with a brass screw-on connector and a stainless steel blade. Designed to be used with Pu Erh Cakes. The colour may change slightly as these are all made by hand.


🌱 handle material: rosewood
🌱 blade material: stainless steel
🌱 length: 16cm
🌱 knife length: 5cm

This purchase will earn you 6-12 Points!
This purchase will earn you 6-12 Points!

Stylish Sandalwood
Pu Erh Pick

Do you love drinking Pu Erh tea? Then you might know that breaking into tea cakes can be tough without the right tools, especially if the cake is very tightly pressed.

This pick makes it easy to pry open your PuErh cakes. It is made from sandalwood and has a twist-on cap which hides the sharp pick and allows for safe transportation and storage. The pick is a perfect shape to pick tea leaves without damaging them.


1, set of 2