“Oolong-Wulong” Oolong Tea Discovery Box


Dive into the mysterious world of the semi-oxidized Chinese “black dragon” oolong tea, which is as diverse in its flavour, as it is full of fascinating stories and legends.

This purchase will earn you 21-38 Points!
This purchase will earn you 21-38 Points!

jin xuan milk oolong

This Taiwanese Oolong grows at high altitudes and has a natural milky aroma as well as a sweet, floral and mellow flavour.
Weight: 15g

an’xi ben shan

This lightly oxidized Oolong is grown in Anxi County and has a vibrant emerald colour, as well as fresh orchid flavour with a sweet finish.
Weight: 15g

da hong pao

Also known as Big Red Robe, this famous Oolong is grown in the Wuyi Mountains and has a sweet aroma and a woody flavour with fruity muscatel tones.
Weight: 12g

lan gui ren

Also known as The Queen Orchid, Lan Gui Ren is compressed into little pellets with liquorice grass and ginseng, giving it a sweet and soft flavour.
Weight: 15g

add a 3-piece infuser glass for easy brewing


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