“Oolong-Wulong” Oolong Tea Discovery Box


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Dive into the mysterious world of the semi-oxidized Chinese “black dragon” oolong tea, which is as diverse in its flavour, as it is full of fascinating stories and legends.

This purchase will earn you 19-35 Points!
This purchase will earn you 19-35 Points!

jin xuan milk oolong

This Taiwanese Oolong grows at high altitudes and has a natural milky aroma as well as a sweet, floral and mellow flavour.
Weight: 15g

an’xi ben shan

This lightly oxidized Oolong is grown in Anxi County and has a vibrant emerald colour, as well as fresh orchid flavour with a sweet finish.
Weight: 15g

da hong pao

Also known as Big Red Robe, this famous Oolong is grown in the Wuyi Mountains and has a sweet aroma and a woody flavour with fruity muscatel tones.
Weight: 12g

lan gui ren

Also known as The Queen Orchid, Lan Gui Ren is compressed into little pellets with liquorice grass and ginseng, giving it a sweet and soft flavour.
Weight: 15g

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just tea, + infuser glass

2 reviews for “Oolong-Wulong” Oolong Tea Discovery Box

  1. Mary Ann Rollano

    Oolongs are one of my favorite teas. The oolongs in this box were excellent – especially the Big Red Robe.

    I love your approach to tea and what you’re doing for the advancement of tea as the beverage of choice. Americans are not big tea drinkers like the Brits. So I’m championing the cause. We live in a coffee world over here!

    Education is key and I see you doing that through your subscription boxes. The quality of your tea reinforces why tea is such a wonderful beverage.

  2. Dennis Relojo-Howell

    I never had Oolong tea before. It’s has a rather rich taste so it means you can drink it on its own (no need to add honey or sugar). I like it.

    I was also given a Teapro box which looks really fab. I love it and definitely recommend it to anyone!

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