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Become a teapro and receive:

🌱  4 loose-leaf tea pouches

🌱  FREE infuser glass in your 1st box

🌱  educational tea booklet

🌱  tea journey sticker album

🌱  tea-tasting flavour wheel

🌱  exclusive subscriber-only discounts & benefits

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master a new tea type

each month

Our award-winning tea subscription box is unlike any other subscriptions out there!


Embark on a 12-month tea discovery journey: master a new tea type each month, taste the most delicious premium loose-leaf teas and learn about their benefits, history, and processing.
Learn tea brewing secrets & enjoy endless health benefits of our premium teas like better sleep and increased energy. 

Pause or cancel at any time.

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february box: “cake day”

It’s cake day! Time to travel through the dark and mysterious world of aged tea in our “Pu-erh box”. Pu-erh is a style of tea originated in Yunnan Province. It is often compressed into cakes or other shapes and aged for many years.

It’s one of the most expensive tea varieties in the world, with some tea cakes reaching millions at auctions!

Includes: 4 pouches of exclusive vintage pu erh tea (40-50 cups) + infuser glass + educational brochure 

(total box value £52)

2015 Snow Kissed Raw Pu-erh Braids

Grown 2km above sea level from ancient tea trees, this incredibly unique and high quality 2015 aged pu-erh offers many smooth and fragrant steeps.

Year: 2015
Weight: 12g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Mellow, Light
Flavour: Mineral, Smooth

2013 Golden Buds Ripe Pu-erh Brick

Golden buds from the ancient tea trees of the hidden tea forest on Bulang Mountain pressed into a traditional pu-erh brick shape, reminiscent of tea dating back 1,700 years ago.

Year: 2015
Weight: 50g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Musty, Dark, Mellow
Flavour: Smooth, Chocolate, Earthy

2012 Selection of ripe mini tuo chas

A selection of our favourite Yunnan mini tuocha pu-erh cakes.
Chysanthemum and Rose flowers are pressed into the pu-erh cakes whilst Nuo Mi Xiang, a Yunnan herb is responsible for the sticky rice aroma.

Year: 2012
3 pcs
Origin: Yunnan Province, China

1999 Golden Nuggets Supreme Pu-erh

Golden Nuggets come from Golden tipped aged ripe pu-erh. The highly prized nuggets occur during natural fermentation and each “Cha Tou” or “tea nugget” can be steeped over 15 times.

Year: 1999
Weight: 15g
Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Aroma: Smoke, Oak
Flavour: Smooth, Malt, Wood, Bourbon

what tea lovers say

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Fantastic Tea Subscription Box

My husband got me the 6 month subscription for my birthday and I’ve had 2 boxes so far. The tea is of excellent quality and I loved the infuser glass that came with it. There’s so much attention to detail in the tea descriptions and I love the little book that came with it to add my stickers too. Would definitely recommend 😊
Laura Maney

Top Marks
Brilliant! I got in touch looking for some soothing evening and nighttime teas, and am now well stocked thanks to the herbalism box. It’s a lovely mix of teas I’ve never tried before, and each one is delicious. Clean and simple instructions for brewing, fab teas and great interactions with the staff. Highly recommend.
Will Davies

We are honoured to be the top pick from 11 tea subscriptions reviewed by The Independent!

what makes our teas so

At Teapro, we are very selective about where we source our tea from. After all, the freshness and quality of the tea is what helps bring out its true flavour and its benefits. 

That’s why we support small tea farms that grow it right: water, sunlight, good soil, and lots of love. 


Apart from the quality of our teas, the curated assortments that we choose are extra special. We carefully select teas that fit the theme of each month, taking you on a magical tea journey that fits each season like a matcha made in heaven.

our 12-month tea journey at a glance

get your tea-ploma

Apart from all of the amazing member perks you’ll get when you sign up, you’ll also receive the most prestigious certificate in all of tea history: The Teapro “Tea-Ploma” Certificate!


Once you hit your 12th month, you’ll have officially learned about over 48 different teas across 12 tea types!


 You’ll have a new appreciation for tea, create mindful tea drinking habits and impress your friends with your extensive tea knowledge! 

ready to become a teapro?

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and start your tea journey!

🌱 master new tea types each month
🌱 discover 4 loose-leaf teas (40-70 cups)

🌱 get FREE infuser glass in your 1st box

🌱 create sustainable tea habits

🌱 get exclusive members-only discounts
🌱 learn tea brewing secrets & techniques
🌱 enjoy endless health benefits of our premium teas like better sleep and increased energy

start your tea journey

subscription FAQs

Yes! You will earn reward points for every order you place as well as for referring your friends. See our loyal-tea page for more info. You can redeem your points by turning them into coupons on your account page. 

When you sign up, you’ll receive 4 teas of a particular type, tea education, sticker and a sticker album to help you keep track of your tea-pro-gress.
(March Never-Too-Matcha box is the only exception, where you’ll receive 30g of our most amazing ceremonial matcha and a sieve). 

You’ll also receive a FREE infuser glass gift in your first box to make brewing loose leaf tea as simple and enjoyable as possible!

Billing schedule:
You’ll get billed straight away. The renewal box will get billed on 1st of the following month. 

Shipping Schedule: 
You will receive your 1st box within a week of placing the order. You’ll receive your renewal box within the first 10 days of the next month. 


If you sign up after 26th of the month…
You’ll get charged immediately upon signup and your renewal box will get billed on the 1st of the next month.
IMPORTANT: Because the billing dates are so close together, we’ll send you 2 boxes in your first delivery.


Billing schedule for 3-month and 6-month subscription: 

You’ll get charged immediately upon sign up and then every 3 (or every 6) months. You can always pause or cancel the subscription – we recommend doing it at least 1 week before the renewal.

Shipping schedule for 3-month and 6-month subscription: 

Shipping schedule is the same as for monthly subscription (see above). 

Yes, you can pause your subscription at any time.

Just log into your account and click on subscriptions or follow this link.

Please do it at least 1 week ahead of renewal date.

Besides discovering spectacular teas each month, you’ll get referral rewards, receive exclusive subscriber-only discounts on our teas and teaware, as well as get to connect with like-minded tea lovers all over the world. 

For more questions, check out our official FAQs

subscription renews

monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months

33 reviews for Become a Teapro: Tea Subscription Box Journey

  1. Rachel

    On the subject of teapots: I am not really sure as to why this teapot design is so appealing. It might be the overall aesthetics; the offset filling, the cork bung. Or simply, that it makes a lovely pot of tea, of which pours in a most pleasing way. If you truly enjoy tea, I wholeheartedly recommend the experience.

  2. Shona Sinclair-Powell

    Teapro is such a beautifully creative and innovative company with high quality products. There is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert. I would highly recommend to everyone, you won’t be disappointed. The customer service was excellent also. I am a #teapro.

  3. Ria

    I myself did not know all these kinds of tea exist so it was so informative with all the brochures inside the tea box and I loved trying all the beautiful flavours! Definitely recommend to all tea lovers and non tea lovers too😏

  4. Helena Mol

    I look forward to my tea box every month. Great quality teas, and beautiful packaging, and information on where the tea comes from and how it’s processed, makes it worth every penny.

  5. Chrissy Johnson

    Love the glass and the teas are good, but I ended up with so much tea, I think because when I started I ended up with two months worth. Might subscribe again ok nice I have used up what I have.

  6. Maria

    TeaBox’s White Tea Subscription Box offers a perfect white tea experience. The packaging is elegant, keeping the teas fresh and fragrant. The selection of white teas is diverse and of exceptional quality. Each brew delivers a refined and smooth taste with delightful floral or fruity notes. TeaBox’s customer service is reliable and responsive, providing a user-friendly website and prompt delivery. With its curated selection and attention to detail, TeaBox’s White Tea Subscription Box is a must-have for white tea enthusiasts. It’s a 5/5 experience from start to finish.

  7. Sian Payne

    What a wonderful treat and way to discover teas you may not have tried before! Absolutely love the tea infuser glass, and have to say that the flowering tea is in favourite!

  8. Meghan

    A really lovely business with a fantastic concept, offering monthly tea subscription boxes. A great way to try out teas you may never have heard of – would also make a lovely gift! The teas in the May box all tasted amazing, and I loved the flowering tea. Great communication also from the company 😊

  9. Helena

    I received two bsolutely lovely boxes so far, the Cake Day, and the Chaiwala ones. Cake Day was my favourite, it was lovely trying these fun teas that are just so different from anything you can get at the supermarket.
    the boxes are packaged in a lovely way, the teas packed into great pouches for easy storage.
    The customer service has been excellent as well, quick to respond.
    I can only think of one negative, and that was that the braids tasted like cigar. I’d happily skip those.

  10. Laylafoodreviews

    Top quality product and really lovely concept behind the monthly tea box journeys. Tea’s genuinely taste good and presentation is spot on. Tatjana (brand owner) is also very friendly and response too. Will keep on recommending tea pro!!

  11. liliya

    Such a fantastic experience with Teapro.
    Great variety of loose leaf teas! Useful information about teas, handy tea tasting flavor wheel and educational tea booklet so cute infuser glass.
    Love this experience. Will definitely carry on with subscription!
    Also perfect present idea for tea lover.

  12. Danny

    Great products and great experience – lovely team! Easy to use the kits and so fun to try out the new teas.

  13. Ceyda

    If you want to learn more about teas and have a real tea experience, you should definitely try it. I am very satisfied with my experience. Amazing experience 🙂

  14. Ceyda

    If you want to learn more about teas and have a real tea experience, you should definitely try it. I am very satisfied with my experience.

  15. Laura

    Such a fantastic little box and great teas, I loved learning about all of the different types of tea.

  16. L

    This was evertyhing I was hoping for and more! The infuser glass is a must, and it makes your life so much easier when brewing loose tea!! I got the green tea box, the quality was outstanding -super fragrant and full of flavour. I couldn’t recommend this more!!

  17. Ashleigh Charles

    I was actually surprised by how good this box was! I did not expect it to not only have the most amazing products but also so much facts and information to really help and guide you on your tea journey! I love it!

  18. Carlos

    Super nice subscription & really tasty teas! I’m learning a lot of new things about tea! I think it’s a perfect subscription for any tea lover.

  19. Will Brown

    Really loving the subscription! I’ve always thought that I didn’t like fruit teas, but teapro have really changed my mind! TheIr July “Fruit Cooler” teas are really tasty, especially as cold tea cocktails. Can’t wait to try the yerba mate box next month! Highly recommend this subscription!

  20. William Shaw

    Having tried (clearly inferior) samples before, I didn’t think Yerba Mate would be my thing. How wrong I was! It’s great to have a curated selection of top quality products and I’m really looking forward to future deliveries. 🙂

  21. Valentina García-Huidobro

    This was a beautiful experience! The teas were lovely… my favourite boxes were Cake day and Oolong-Wulong 🙂
    Beside the teas and accessories (so nice!) the team was great. Any time I had a problem they were super nice and responsible. Now I am fully equiped with teas for a while, but I will definetly buy some of my favourites again. Thanks!! (sorry for the English- Spanish speaker here)

  22. Kazi Sanjidah Alamgir

    The Tea Magic box is beautiful!! Butterfly pea makes the most stunning drinks. I especially love brewing a small amount and pouring it over iced lemonade 🍋. The flowering tea love amazing in the cup and you can really appreciate the effort given to hold everything in place.

    Not to mention the infuser glass! I haven’t had tea in any of my other cups since I got this.

    I never thought I would be overjoyed with tea tasting notes… I’ve never liked oolong teas. Ever. But the tasting notes interested me and after learning how to appreciate tea like a pro, I’ve found that I really enjoy the Iron Goddess of Mercy!! Strong honey aroma, like manuka, honeysuckle, and a smooth creamy flavour. Definitely beyond my expectations 🙂

  23. Cam W

    All the teas were delicious and the glass diffuser blew my mind!! What an amazing way to drink tea. This is such a great way to explore the world of high quality teas and I can’t wait to continue our journey of discovery with teapro ?

  24. Lara

    This is such a cool experience! I’ve learned so much about tea since I’ve started and I’m really excited to try more teas! Highly recommend this subscription!

  25. Shrikant Shelar

    Great collection of teas. If you are a real tea lover, then you need to get the subscription. You can find rare high quality teas with this box. I am a total fan. So glad to be introduced to teapro. Oh yes and the glass diffuser it comes with is beautiful too. Will definitely recommend.

  26. Samantha Robinson

    The rooibosch box was by far my favourite so far! I loved trying the green rooibos as I had never had it before and I did not realise a rooibos tea could be so creamy, so thank you for introducing me to a new tea. Isn’t that why we all order subscription boxes, to be introduced to new and great teas we possibly wouldn’t have come across on our own.

    Now, let me get to the star of this show, the Infuser Bottle (Teapro on the go). This is by far the best on the go teaware I own, it’s so convenient and I really love the way it looks. If you’re not interested in the whole box I would still highly recommend checking out the bottle on its own (worth it).

  27. ‘@handmadeglamour

    I just got my box and it is amazing! It comes with wonderful teas (my favorite is the color changing butterflypea tea and the blooming teas) and an infuser glass ❤️ It takes drinking tea to a whole new level ?

  28. Sagar

    Amazing collection high-quality teas! My favorite is the blooming tea. Love the packaging, tea diffuser and the description of the teas that takes you on a journey to become a TeaPro!

  29. Nima

    This was fantastic and really opened my eyes to the variety of loose leaf teas available out there. We loved the glass infuser so much that we’ve bought a second matching one.

    I fell in love with the Oolong and was really impressed with the Butterfly Pea Tea

  30. Blake

    Great selection of delicious teas. Loving the Oolong and the delightful blooming tea. Looking forward to the next box to drop .

  31. Cam w

    It’s safe to say I’ve been converted from coffee-total! Love the presentation and selection of high quality exotic teas I would have never normally come across. Also blown away by the infuser glass!! Can’t wait to continue the journey with TeaPro…

  32. Daniela

    Loooooved this box! Especially the Tie Kuan Yinand the Infuser Glass. Not all Tie Kuan Yin are made the same but this one was really good and it gave me several good steeps! Loved how fresh and buttery it felt. I also enjoyed the Genmaicha a lot and made great tea lattes with it, try it!!

  33. Nicole McKinney

    Thoroughly enjoying the May box. Taiguanyin, Butterfly Pea, Genmaicha, and the best tasting flowering teas I’ve come across! All my tea friends are asking about the glass infuser cup. Great design!

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