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Rooibosch Box

Step into the Western Cape of South Africa and take in the breathtakingly unique herbs around the Cederberg mountains. Discover Green and Red Rooibos and decide your favourite variety. Introduce Lemon and Honeybush to truly explore the unique plant life of this incredible unique naturally Caffeine Free herbal paradise.

Box renewal: 27th April

Teapro - first ever educational tea subscription
Teapro - know your tea
Teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
teapro tea subscription box
Teapro tea subscription box

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Pure Rooibos 

Pure Rooibos, pronounced “royboss” is a naturally caffeine free herbal tea grown exclusively in Western Cape Province of South Africa. A delightful sweet, nutty and woody flavour.

Premium, South African RedBush tea 
Weight: 20g

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Pure Green Rooibos

Unlike the oxidised Red Rooibos, Green Roobios is treated just like green tea where heat stops oxidation, resulting in a sweet, grassy naturally caffeine free refreshing and slightly fruity cup.

Premium, South African Green RedBush tea 
Weight: 20g

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Rooibos with Lemon

We have tried a lot of Rooibos blends with various different flavourings but we believe the humble lemon with its citrus aroma and sweet, zesty taste brings the best out of our Rooibos and lemon friends.

Premium, South African Red Bush with lemon pieces
Weight: 20g

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Pure HoneyBush

Honeybush, known as Heuningbos in Afrikaans, is a close friend of Rooibos that we couldn’t leave out and is equally exclusive to South Africa, it gets better with each brew and has a uniquely sweet honey nose and more complete fruity flavour than Red Bush. Premium, South African Honey Bush

Premium, South African Honey Bush with lemon pieces
Weight: 20g





Teapro on the go!

With our South African themed Rooibosch Box, we wanted to have a piece of tea-ware to accompany the nation’s active lifestyle. Introducing the teapro on the go bottle worth £19, allowing you to infuse your loose leaf tea quickly and easily wherever you are.


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teapro tea journey

9 reviews for Teapro Journey

  1. @handmadeglamour

    I just got my box and it is amazing! It comes with wonderful teas (my favorite is the color changing butterflypea tea and the blooming teas) and an infuser glass ❤️ It takes drinking tea to a whole new level 😊

  2. Nicole McKinney

    Thoroughly enjoying the May box. Taiguanyin, Butterfly Pea, Genmaicha, and the best tasting flowering teas I’ve come across! All my tea friends are asking about the glass infuser cup. Great design!

  3. Daniela

    Loooooved this box! Especially the Tie Kuan Yinand the Infuser Glass. Not all Tie Kuan Yin are made the same but this one was really good and it gave me several good steeps! Loved how fresh and buttery it felt. I also enjoyed the Genmaicha a lot and made great tea lattes with it, try it!!

  4. Cam w

    It’s safe to say I’ve been converted from coffee-total! Love the presentation and selection of high quality exotic teas I would have never normally come across. Also blown away by the infuser glass!! Can’t wait to continue the journey with TeaPro…

  5. Blake

    Great selection of delicious teas. Loving the Oolong and the delightful blooming tea. Looking forward to the next box to drop .

  6. Cam W

    All the teas were delicious and the glass diffuser blew my mind!! What an amazing way to drink tea. This is such a great way to explore the world of high quality teas and I can’t wait to continue our journey of discovery with teapro 😍

  7. Nima

    This was fantastic and really opened my eyes to the variety of loose leaf teas available out there. We loved the glass infuser so much that we’ve bought a second matching one.

    I fell in love with the Oolong and was really impressed with the Butterfly Pea Tea

  8. Sagar

    Amazing collection high-quality teas! My favorite is the blooming tea. Love the packaging, tea diffuser and the description of the teas that takes you on a journey to become a TeaPro!

  9. Shrikant Shelar

    Great collection of teas. If you are a real tea lover, then you need to get the subscription. You can find rare high quality teas with this box. I am a total fan. So glad to be introduced to teapro. Oh yes and the glass diffuser it comes with is beautiful too. Will definitely recommend.

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