Chawan Matcha Bowl


A Chawan Matcha bowl in the Wan Nari Style, perfect for whisking matcha and looking stylish and minimalist. We often drink from this bowl immediately after whisking.

🌱  material: ceramic

🌱  diameter: 12cm

🌱  hight: 6cm

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speckled 2-tone ceramic chawan

Ceramic Chawan Matcha bowl in a “Wan Nari” style, meaning circle shaped.

To use the bowl, pour a small amount of water into the bowl with your matcha and whisk until foamy. Add more water and whisk using your wrist in a Z shape with the whisk gently scraping the base of the bowl.

This bowl pairs beautifully with our purple bamboo tea-ware.

build your matcha set 

traditional matcha tools for an authentic tea ceremony

golden matcha mini sieve

Prepare the perfect matcha with our high quality fine mesh matcha sieve. Also ideal as loose leaf tea strainer, when brewing it in a tea pot.

🌱 length: 16cm

🌱 diameter: 4.9cm

🌱 materialstainless steel with gold effect



purple bamboo matcha whisk

This gorgeous hand-made Matcha Whisk is cut from Purple Bamboo. The 100 prong design gives more structure to the whisk, making frothing your matcha really easy.

🌱  type: 100 prong

🌱  materialPurple Bamboo

🌱  dimensions: 11.5cm x 7cm



ceremonial grade matcha

The highest grade of Japanese Matcha, from the “Land of Fire” Kyushu Island, the southernmost and most volcanic Island of Japan.

🌱    originKyushu, Japan

🌱    picked: Spring

🌱    flavour: fresh grass, smooth, mellow, umami

🌱    aroma: delicate, spring, grassy


purple bamboo matcha scoop

Each traditional bamboo scoop is hand-carved from a single piece of Purple Bamboo, making each spoon not only the perfect size for portioning your matcha but also a striking and unique all natural design.

🌱  dimensions: 19cm

🌱  materialPurple Bamboo


Matcha set

Just Chawan, Bamboo spoon (+£4), Purple Bamboo Whisk (+£17), add both (+£21)