Chawan Matcha Bowl


A Chawan Matcha bowl in the Wan Nari Style, perfect for whisking matcha and looking stylish and minimalist. We often drink from this bowl immediately after whisking.

   material: ceramic

   diameter: 12cm

   hight: 6cm




This purchase will earn you 9-30 Points!
This purchase will earn you 9-30 Points!

Speckled 2 tone ceramic Chawan

Ceramic Chawan Matcha bowl in a "Wan Nari" style, meaning circle shaped.

To use the bowl, pour a small amount of water into the bowl with your matcha and whisk until foamy. Add more water and whisk using your wrist in a Z shape with the whisk gently scraping the base of the bowl.
This bowl pairs beautifully with our purple bamboo tea-ware.

Matcha set

Just Chawan, Bamboo spoon (+£4), Purple Bamboo Whisk (+£17), add both (+£21)


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