Teapro Zero Waste Loose Tea Advent Calendar on Corkboard


Our sleek zero-waste advent calendar allows you to discover 24 spectacular loose-leaf teas and tisanes – every tea pouch also hides a clever tea pun. Once finished, the corkboard and the pins can be re-used for your home office!


🌱 dimensions: 40cm x 60cm

🌱 includes:  24 loose leaf teas in compostable pouches, 24 cards with tea puns, cork board, pins with pegs, 3-piece infuser glass

For international orders placed after 16th of November, we cannot guarantee delivery by 1st of December. 

This purchase will earn you 69-79 Points!
This purchase will earn you 69-79 Points!

tea & fun

Enjoy a variety of carefully selected spectacular loose leaf teas and tisanes! You’ll find the tea description and brewing instructions on the back of each pouch. 

Don’t you just love an advent calendar that keeps on giving? We certainly do! 

To ensure that you’re enjoying your advent calendar oolong time after you’ve drunk your tea, each loose leaf tea pouch is hiding a clever tea pun or a tea quote. 

tea advent calendar by teapro
zero waste tea advent calendar by teapro

zero waste

At teapro, we always strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. 

Of course, this means sourcing sustainable materials, such as cork board, compostable pouches, wooden pegs. 

But that’s not all. We also love the idea of reducing waste by choosing products that can be re-purposed.

That’s why, after you’ve tasted all the delicious teas from our advent calendar, you’ll be left with this lovely 60cm x 40cm cork board, which you can use to pin photos, to-do lists and much more. 

optional add-ons

It’s loose-leaf only at teapro! That’s why we recommend combining your advent calendar with teapro’s signature 350ml infuser glass or our teapro on-the-go infuser bottle

High quality tea usually allows for up to 4 re-steeps, so you can brew your cuppa in the morning and then keep re-steeping it throughout the day. 


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