Premium Ceremonial Matcha Set – Yellow


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This gorgeous artisan Ceremonial Matcha Set is a must have for any matcha lover! The whisk and scoop are made out of Purple Bamboo, meaning there is no dye involved in the 2 tone colour, just meticulous and impressive carpentry of a beautiful wood. The artisan ceramic matcha bowl and whisk holder are hand-glazed creating incredible unique patterns.

This purchase will earn you 69-95 Points!
This purchase will earn you 69-95 Points!

also available in blue


authentic ceramic
matcha chawan

Ceramic Chawan Matcha bowl in the traditional “Han Tsutsu Gata” style, meaning half cylinder shaped.
Note that each bowl is unique and that colour patterns will differ from the picture. 

To use the bowl, pour a small amount of water into the bowl with your matcha and whisk until foamy. Add more water and whisk using your wrist in a Z shape with the whisk gently scraping the base of the bowl.


Diameter: 11.8cm
Height: 8cm
Material: ceramic​

ceramic artisan
whisk holder

Made of high-quality ceramic with a gorgeous two-tone colouring and a glazed finish, the whisk holder protects the shape of your bamboo whisk. 

Just place the whisk on the holder after rinsing it and allow it to dry naturally. 

Not that the pattern on each whisk holder is unique and may differ from the image. 

Height: 8cm

Diameter: 7cm

Material: ceramic


purple bamboo
matcha whisk

The purple bamboo matcha whisk is hand made using what we think is a mindblowing feat of human skill and ingenuity. What emerges is a perfect purpose built all natural tea-tool.

Material: Purple Bamboo
Dimensions: 11.5cm x 7cm
Type: 100 prong

purple bamboo
matcha scoop

We are a bit of a sucker for the rare purple bamboo wood. It creates a highly characterful all natural finish to this skilfully hand carved scoop. 
The matcha spoon helps put you into a meditative and relaxed state for conducting your tea ceremony.


Material: Purple Bamboo

Length: 19cm

premium sustainable
kraft paper box

With a premium design and plastic-free packaging, our artisan matcha set is the perfect gift for any matcha lover. 


Length: 20cm

Width: 20cm

Height: 8cm

Material: Kraft Paper

matcha sieve
& tea strainer

Prepare the perfect matcha with our high quality fine mesh matcha sieve. Also ideal as loose leaf tea strainer, when brewing it in a tea pot.

Material: stainless steel with gold effect

   Length: 16cm

   Diameter: 4.9cm

"Land Of Fire"
ceremonial matcha

The highest grade of Japanese Matcha, from the “Land of Fire” Kyushu Island, the southernmost and most volcanic Island of Japan.  The green tea leaves are harvested in Early Spring, shaded to maximise the sweetness and vibrancy before being stone ground into this supremely smooth grassy, sweet umami Matcha.


   Origin: Kyushu, Japan

   Harvest: Spring

   Flavour: fresh grass, smooth, mellow, umami

   Aroma: delicate, spring, grassy

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  1. Lara

    This matcha set is a bit of an investment, but honestly it’s so beautiful! Making matcha with it is a real pleasure!

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