Calabash Mate Gourd


The teapro Calabash Gourd is a unique all natural traditional tea-ware of South America, used by Aztecs for thousands of years ago, tribespeople in South America still use Calabash Gourd’s today.

Yerba Mate is loved across South America and the Calabash Gourd is the perfect cup to enjoy your Mate in a uniquely authentic way.

   origin: Brazil

   type: tea-ware


All Natural Calabash Yerba Mate Gourd

Yerba Mate (translated as mate herb) is popular herbal drink across South America which is traditionally drunk from a Gourd using a Bambilla (straw).

The teapro Calabash Mate gourd is an all natural dried fruit Gourd from South America. The cup has been used by Ancient Aztecs who have been known to hand  cups down across many generations for use in medicinal and celebration ceremonies .

Curing your Gourd

  1. Fill the gourd 1/3rd full with mate and pour in hot water
  2. Leave it for 2-3 hours to loosen the remaining skin and allow the gourd to absorb the mate flavour
  3. Remove the contents and scrape the inner walls to remove loose skin
  4. Rinse and dry
  5. Optionally repeat

For more information on the Origins of Yerba Mate check out our blog post

Young green calabash


How to make Yerba Mate like a teapro



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