Pure Leaf Yerba Mate


A premium, pure leaf Yerba Mate, with a fresh, grassy flavour that can be re-steeped all day. Smoke-free, organic, refreshing and stimulating.

For those concerned about bitterness we strongly recommend pure leaf Yerba Mate delivering a much softer taste.

.   origin: Missiones, Argentina

   type: Herbal

   flavour: fresh, grassy, 


Pure Leaf Yerba Mate

Un-roasted, luscious pure leaf Mate is one of the finest grades of Mate, providing a much lower bitterness than other Mate’s and fresh, grassy flavour.

Completely smoke-free organic Mate is a healthy stimulating substitute for coffee popular amongst sportspeople due to the calm energy boost.

This herbal tea is also available in the Yerba Mates Box

Yerba Mate Plantation - teapro

How To Brew Mate Like a Teapro


30g, 100g, 200g


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