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Inside the Herbalism October Box

This October stay healthy with our mystical Herbalism box and release your inner Shaman. We have hand selected our favourite curing and calming caffeine free herbal teas with use dating back to pre-historic man.

Damiana: An ancient love potion
Used by the Aztecs as a health tonic, relaxant and aphrodisiac this herb is still used today to balance moods, calm upset stomachs and to get in the mood. It is earthy, nutty, woody and mellow in flavour and delivers a sense of calm.

Greek High Mountain Tea: The secret of the Mediterranean
In Greek Sideritis or Ironwort literally means he who is made of Iron and was used to treat wounds inflicted by swords in Ancient Greece. Growing at high altitudes across the Greek mountains, the herb is fluffy and soft in texture. When brewed, it is sweet, soft and aromatic on the palette.

Elderflower tea: A prehistoric medicine
European Elder was farmed by pre-historic man and Hippocrates the “father of medicine” described Elderflower as his “medicine chest” being a natural anti-spetic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It is aromatic, sweet, floral and very soothing.

Hibiscus Flower: A herbal companion
Hibiscus is a tart, sweet bright red tea with cultural significance for many countries around the world. It pairs wonderfully with other herbal blends and boosts your bodies natural immunity

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