there is more to tea than you think

There are more than 1,500 varieties out there – just imagine what you’re missing out on!
With our subscription box you’ll focus on a different tea type each month, allowing you to learn what makes each tea special and how to get the best out of your cuppa.

embark on a tea adventure

We source premium loose leaf teas from all around the world.
Stick around we’ll also spoil you with some high quality teaware and tea accessories now and then!

stay flexible

Receive a monthly box delivered conveniently to your doorstep. Pause or cancel your subscription anytime with a few easy clicks.

inside our May box

Step outside of your comfort zone and spoil your taste buds with our carefully selected premium loose leaf teas and infusions.

  Blooming Tea: a feast for your eyes as well as taste buds

  Butterfly Pea Tea: a healthy blue flower tea with a secret

  Genmaicha: feel toasty and warm with the green roasted rice tea

  Tie Kuan Yin: a must-try Oolong tea – you’ll never want to go back

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