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November: Shades of Green Box

This NOVEMBER immerse yourself in teapro’s luxurious shades of green tea. A selection of our favourite delicious organic, green teas sourced from small Chinese and Japanese tea farms.

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Organic Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Gyokuro translates as “jade dew” and is made from the earliest spring flush leaves. Grown in the shade, this tea is harvested by way of “tana” – a traditional Japanese method of tea production involving straw coverings. The shade boosts theanine and caffeine, whilst decreasing catechins, giving this tea a smooth aroma of delicate seaweed without any bitterness.

Organic Monkey King China Green Tea

Bring in the Monkey King. Also known as Taiping Houkui this Chinese Green tea get its unique form by being pressed flat between layers of cloth in a bamboo basket and then gently roasted over a charcoal fire. This unmistakably unique and refreshing green tea is grown on the northern slopes of Tai Ping County.

Organic Ya’An Yun Wu Green Tea

Ya’An, located in Sichuan province is characterised by high altitudes and dense alpine fogs, explaining its name which translates as “Cloud Fog” or “High Mount Cloud Mist”. The tea has sweet floral aromas and dark nutty flavours in a fine balance. Ya’an is a fascinating place where giant panda were first discovered and is further the original home of tea farming.

Organic Dragon Well Spring Green Tea

From the mountains around Xihu, (West) Lake, near the temple of Long Jing (Dragon Well), this world famous green tea is the one that compelled us to start our tea journey many moons ago and still delivers for us a harmony of sweet, mellow and grassy aromas and a visually beautiful shape.

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