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Inside the White Gold June Box

Next month we’re going to explore the most delicate and highly prized tea of all – White Tea. 

 Silver Needle: only the youngest, most tender downy buds are picked for this exquisite tea, giving it a silky texture as well as a melon-like sweet aroma, making it into China’s most celebrated steeps.

 White Peony: also known as Bai Mu Dan, White Peony white tea has a sweet floral aroma and is made up of the young tea bud, still covered in silvery down, and the next two leaves on the stem.

 Shou Mei: is produced from naturally withered upper leaf and tips, with a stronger flavour reminiscent of lighter Oolong teas.

 Jasmine Phoenix Eye Dragon Pearls: For this rare tea, Jasmine blossoms are placed between layers of white tea leaves, naturally absorbing the floral fragrance, before being hand-rolled into delicate pearls. 

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