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December: Black and Yellow

It’s time to immerse yourself in possibly our most decadent organic loose leaf tea box yet. We have assembled a truly unique collection of black and incredibly rare yellow teas alongside special teaware.

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Organic Gold Dian Hong Pagoda Black Tea

These mini pagodas remind us of Christmas trees and are the perfect treat for yourself or a friend. Sometimes known as Yunnan Red, these hand-tied black tea leaves create a wonderful golden liquor and an incredibly smooth and sweet honey flavour. We wanted to source a Dian Hong that was full of wonderful light flavours without astringency.

We love watching the leaves unfurl from the pagoda. The copper-red hue of the leaves in the golden water are the hallmarks of a high-end Dian Hong, where the top grade leaf buds, known as golden tips, are tied in amongst the highly oxidised camellia sinensis leaves. We always feel a refreshing and energising effect due to the caffeine and the smooth, sweet nectar-like flavour.

Organic OP1 Rukeri Rwanda Black tea

Rwanda is not the first place you may think of when thinking about black tea, but their unique climate, 4500m high mountains and ancient forests means this landlocked African nation creates a highly aromatic and spicy, nutty fresh black tea. The curled leaves are light and long and one of the few styles to be produced in an orthodox method reminiscent of Darjeeling and Ceylon.

The tea history of Rwanda began in 1952 and today it is now one of their biggest exports with the full body flavour of their whole leaf teas becoming infamous for their dark and spicy notes. It has been known to convince coffee drinkers to switch up their morning routines and we often drink this organic, Rukeri tea as part of our morning routine.

Organic Supreme Meng Ding Yellow Buds Tea 

This incredibly precious and rare Meng Ding comes from Mt Mengshan in Sichuan province, one of the earliest tea cultivation areas dating back over 2000 years to 907AD. Meng Ding has been one of the most celebrated tribute teas and has become established in folk lore as the noblest of Chinese teas.

The processing of Yellow tea starts similar to the one of as Green tea. However, there is an additional, time consuming and very complex step called “Sealed Yellowing”. After pan-firing the tea leaves are wrapped in a cloth and stored in a wooden box. At intervals the tea is fried again and re-wrapped to cool. This process can take up to 6 days!
Meng Ding brews a complex infusion with hints of floral, sweet and nutty flavour.

Organic High Mountain Wuyi Wild Black Tea

We return to the Wuyi Mountains to sample this highly aromatic, fruity, sweet and “yancha” (mineral-rock) flavour.

Twisted brown leaves create a red, amber clear liquor with a sweet honey flavour and lingering complex aftertaste, making this an incredibly versatile black tea.

In Fujian Province, ancient wild tea trees still grow organically in the forest and have done for thousands of years. These traditional leaves provide a unique and valuable resource to the area and is where loose leaf lovers go to get their strong, unique flavours without harsh bitterness but instead unique earthy sweetness. There is no need to cover this flavour with milk or sugar, we assure you!

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