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December Box:
Black & Yellow

It’s time to immerse yourself in possibly our most decadent organic loose leaf tea box yet. We have assembled a truly unique collection of black and incredibly rare yellow teas.

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tea-adventure by teapro

Discover unique amazing loose leaf teas each month.

Tea can be confusing. Teapro explains the culture, history and benefits.

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free infuser glass with your first box

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“Great collection of teas.
If you are a real tea lover, then you need to get the subscription. You can find rare high quality teas with this box. I am a total fan. So glad to be introduced to teapro. Oh yes and the glass diffuser it comes with is beautiful too. Will definitely recommend.”

Shri, UK


“I just got my box and it is amazing! It comes with wonderful teas (my favourite is the colour changing butterflypea tea and the blooming teas) and an infuser glass. It takes drinking tea to a whole new level!”

Eszter, Germany


“Loooooved this box!
Especially the Tie Kuan Yinand the Infuser Glass. Not all Tie Kuan Yin are made the same but this one was really good and it gave me several good steeps! Loved how fresh and buttery it felt. I also enjoyed the Genmaicha a lot and made great tea lattes with it, try it!”

Daniela, Canada


Unveilng the mystery of our Clouds & Mist green tea, included in our Shades of Green box. What is Clouds & Mist? Our incredible Clouds & Mist comes from Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China. “Clouds & Mist” is the translation of Yun Wu, a Chinese expression describing......

Gyokuro can be found in our Shades of Green box and is considered the highest grade of green tea in Japan. What is Gyokuro? Gyokuro comes from Uji-Cha, Kyoto in Japan, and is made from the first flush leaf. It has an incredible sweetness thanks......

Another gem in our Shades of Green box is Monkey King. A floral, fresh, mellow tea brewing in your cup. What is Monkey King? Monkey King or Taiping HouKui translates to “peaceful monkey leader” and comes from Huang Shan, Anhui Province in China. This exquisite......