Never Too Matcha box



Never Too Matcha

Our “Never too Matcha” box will whisk you off your feet, spoon you into a traditional ceramic bowl and froth you senseless.
Become immersed in the aroma of fresh grass and the refreshing umami of Matcha by re-creating the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
Choose to have just tea or teaware which includes a beautiful purple bamboo 100 prong whisk and spoon with ornate porcelain Bowl


ceremonial grade matcha

The highest grade of Japanese Matcha, plucked during Early Spring, shaded to maximise the sweetness, vibrancy and benefits. Delivering a grassy, astringent yet slightly sweet umami flavour.
Weight: 30g

purple bamboo matcha whisk

This gorgeous hand-made Matcha Whisk is cut from Purple Bamboo, meaning there is no dye involved in the 2 tone colour, just meticulous and impressive carpentry of a beautiful wood. The 100 prong design gives more structure to the whisk, making frothing your matcha really easy.

authentic 2 tone ceramic matcha bowl

A Matcha bowl perfect for whisking matcha and looking stylish and minimalist. We often drink from this bowl immediately after whisking.

purple bamboo matcha scoop

Each traditional bamboo scoop is hand-carved from a single piece of Purple Bamboo, making each spoon not only the perfect size for portioning your matcha but also a striking and unique all natural design.

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£18.00 monthly
Weight N/A

just matcha, +teaware (+£25), just teaware (no matcha)


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