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Our “Never too Matcha” box will whisk you off your feet, spoon you into a traditional ceramic bowl, and froth you senseless.
Become immersed in the aroma of fresh grass and the refreshing umami of Matcha by re-creating the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

This purchase will earn you 42-57 Points!
This purchase will earn you 42-57 Points!



Land of Fire Ceremonial Matcha

The highest grade of Japanese Matcha, from the “Land of Fire” Kyushu Island, the southernmost and most volcanic Island of Japan.  The green tea leaves are harvested in Early Spring, shaded to maximise the sweetness and vibrancy before being stone ground into this supremely smooth grassy, sweet umami Matcha.

🌱    originKyushu, Japan

🌱    type: green tea

🌱    picked: Spring

🌱    flavour: fresh grass, smooth, mellow, umami

🌱    aroma: delicate, spring, grassy

Sakurajima Volcano, Kyushu, Japan | Photo by David McKelvey

modern matcha set

Perfect tools to make a tasty matcha or a refreshing matcha latte.
You’ll also be able to use the infuser glass for brewing loose leaf tea.

Includes: 30g matcha pouch + infuser glass + mini whisk + matcha brochure (RRP £44.94)


3 piece infuser glass

With our 3 piece infuser glass, brewing loose leaf just turns into a mindful and relaxing ceremony!


Our sleek double-wall infuser glass is multifunctional and easy to use, whether it is for loose tea or matcha!

🌱  350ml glass: watch your gorgeous loose leaf unfurl as it steeps

🌱  double wall glass: insulates your drink keeping it hot for longer

🌱  handy lid: keep your tea hot or rest the infuser between re-steeps

🌱  easy to clean: our tea glass consists of three removable parts that are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe



Our sustainable matcha mini-whisk is made out of sturdy bamboo. It also allows you to whisk your matcha in a mug or a glass as opposed to a matcha bowl.

🌱  material: Bamboo

🌱  dimensions: 14cm x 2.2cm

traditional matcha set

Traditional tools for an authentic matcha experience.
Includes: 30g matcha pouch + sieve + whisk + bowl + scoop (RRP £61.45)

golden matcha mini sieve

Prepare the perfect matcha with our high quality fine mesh matcha sieve. Also ideal as loose leaf tea strainer, when brewing it in a tea pot.

🌱 length: 16cm

🌱 diameter: 4.9cm

🌱 materialstainless steel with gold effect



purple bamboo matcha whisk

This gorgeous hand-made Matcha Whisk is cut from Purple Bamboo. The 100 prong design gives more structure to the whisk, making frothing your matcha really easy.

🌱  type: 100 prong

🌱  materialPurple Bamboo

🌱  dimensions: 11.5cm x 7cm


2-tone ceramic matcha bowl

A Matcha bowl perfect for whisking matcha and looking stylish and minimalist. We often drink from this bowl immediately after whisking.

🌱  materialceramic

🌱  diameter: 12cm

🌱  hight: 6cm


purple bamboo matcha scoop

Each traditional bamboo scoop is hand-carved from a single piece of Purple Bamboo, making each spoon not only the perfect size for portioning your matcha but also a striking and unique all natural design.

🌱  dimensions: 19cm

🌱  materialPurple Bamboo


Take your matcha experience to the next level with our premium matcha set!


Want to become a teapro?

Join our teapro journey!


£52.50/ every 3 months (£17.50 per box)
Weight N/A

modern matcha set, traditional matcha set

4 reviews for Never Too Matcha box

  1. Helena Mol

    Best matcha ever. Too bad the whisk didn’t hold up.

  2. Meg

    I tried TeaPro’s ‘Never Too Matcha’ Box and as a massive matcha fan, I absolutely loved it! I love to also occasionally mix it up and have some milk with my matcha! Delicious and versatile! I also enjoyed the educational card that came with it!

  3. Ami

    GREAT for tea lovers

    Teapro provides subscribers with an incredible journey through the world of tea. Their monthly educational tea boxes are designed to help you master a new tea type and learn about its benefits, history, and processing. I recently tried the March Never Too Matcha box and I loved it!

    Every subscriber gets their best-selling infuser glass as a gift in their first box which is usually £16.99.

    Sadly, my box didn’t come with a mini-whisk so I had to improvise but I’m a big fan of the tea, as it is the highest grade of Japanese Matcha!

    With flexible subscription options, you can pause or cancel anytime which I think is fab.

    Would recommend 🙂

  4. Carlos

    Literally the best matcha I’ve tried in a while! Love the dark bamboo whisk and scoop as well!

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