Yerba Mates Box


In this box we’re exploring the traditional South American herbal plant and the most popular drink in Argentina – Yerba Mate. 

  Organic Pure Leaf Mate: stimulating and healthy pure leaf Yerba Mate from Misiones Argentina (no stem).


  Organic Roasted Pure Leaf Mate This roasted pure leaf mate from Brazil delivers anauthenitc, rich and hearty taste (100% smoke free).


  Organic Yerba Mate Chamomile Blend: A perfect balance between calming chamomile and invigorating mate. Ingredients: yerba mate, chamomile, orange peel and hibiscus petals.


  Whole Plant Yerba Mate: This Paraguayan favourite mate is processed in a traditional way, containing both leaves and stems (recommended for curing). 


  FREE Traditional Bamboo Bombilla and Natural Authentic Gourd worth £16


Each biodegradable pouch contains 50g loose leaf yerba mate. 


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