“Yerba Mates” Maté Discovery Gift Box


A treat of 4 types of Yerba Mate from all across South America. Discover your inner Gaucho and learn about the traditional South American herbal plant and the most popular drink in Argentina – Yerba Mate. 

This purchase will earn you 17-37 Points!
This purchase will earn you 17-37 Points!

pure leaf mate

Stimulating and healthy pure leaf Yerba Mate from Misiones Argentina (no stem).
Weight: 30g

whole plant mate

This Paraguayan favourite mate is processed in a traditional way, containing both leaves and stems (recommended for curing the gourd).
Weight: 30g

yerba mate chamomile blend

A perfect balance between calming chamomile and invigorating mate. Ingredients: yerba mate, chamomile, orange peel and hibiscus petals.
Weight: 30g

roasted pure leaf mate

This roasted pure leaf mate from Brazil delivers anauthenitc, rich and hearty taste (100% smoke free).
Weight: 30g

gourd and bombilla yerba mate teapro august tea subscription

natural authentic calabash gourd

The teapro Calabash Gourd is a unique all natural traditional tea-ware of South America, as used by Aztecs for thousands of years ago.

traditional bamboo bombilla

The teapro Bamboo Bombilla is a unique all natural traditional tea-ware of South America, used by local tribes for thousands of years to drink Yerba Mate.


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Elevate your tea experience with our easy-to-use, stylish teaware.


brewing loose leaf tea has never been easier

Our 3 piece infuser glass is the most spectacular and effortless way to brew your loose leaf tea.


designer glass teapot with cork lid

Perfect way to show off the colour of your tea in all of its glory whilst precisely monitoring the progress of any brew.


the most stylish way to store your loose leaf tea

Our luxurious glass jars with air-tight acacia wooden lid are a great way to keep your tea fresh for longer.

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£52.50/ every 3 months (£17.50 per box)

just tea, +gourd & bombilla, +infuser glass