Yerba Mates Box


A treat of 4 types of Yerba Mate from all across South America. Discover your inner Gaucho and learn about the traditional South American herbal plant and the most popular drink in Argentina – Yerba Mate. 


pure leaf mate

Stimulating and healthy pure leaf Yerba Mate from Misiones Argentina (no stem).
Weight: 30g

whole plant mate

This Paraguayan favourite mate is processed in a traditional way, containing both leaves and stems (recommended for curing the gourd).
Weight: 30g

yerba mate chamomile blend

A perfect balance between calming chamomile and invigorating mate. Ingredients: yerba mate, chamomile, orange peel and hibiscus petals.
Weight: 30g

roasted pure leaf mate

This roasted pure leaf mate from Brazil delivers anauthenitc, rich and hearty taste (100% smoke free).
Weight: 30g

gourd and bombilla yerba mate teapro august tea subscription

natural authentic calabash gourd

The teapro Calabash Gourd is a unique all natural traditional tea-ware of South America, as used by Aztecs for thousands of years ago.

traditional bamboo bombilla

The teapro Bamboo Bombilla is a unique all natural traditional tea-ware of South America, used by local tribes for thousands of years to drink Yerba Mate.



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