Our Story

We’re Tatjana & Tom – the founders of teapro. 


We’ve always loved tea. Sipping tea in the evenings, whilst relaxing on the sofa and chatting about our day has been our favourite ritual for many years. 

However, during our long chats, we would sometimes get annoyed that our tea would over-brew and become bitter. (We used tea bags back then).



our tea-tiphany

One day we were strolling through London and tried a loose-leaf “Dragon Well” green tea from a tiny tea shop. That’s when we had our tea-piphany! 
We had no idea that tea could taste THIS GOOD!


becoming teapros

We decided to try more loose leaf teas and discovered a whole new world we knew NOTHING about: semi-oxidized fragrant oolongs, vintage pu erhs, delicate white teas, colour-changing butterfly pea tea… we were blown away!


We had an urge to share our findings with others. However, dscovering hundreds of tea varieties can be overwhelming. That’s why we decided to do it in a structured, educational and fun way. 

That’s how teapro was born… 


can anyone be a teapro?

A teapro is someone who understands and appreciates real tea, it’s history, environment, culture and the people.

So if you are an adventurous tea explorer and are curious about cultures, history and traditions you can most certainly become a teapro!  

how do we source our teas?

We put a lot of time and effort into sourcing. Using word of mouth and extensive research, we ensure to unearth the treasures. 

We really have to fall in love with our teas before we decide to stock any of them.
Unlike other subscription companies, we work with small farms and suppliers sourcing tea from around the world, often from China as well as India, Argentina, South Africa, Rwanda and even Thailand.