“Herbalism” Herbal Tisanes Gift Box


Release your inner Shaman with our mystical Herbalism box. We have hand-selected our 4 favourite caffeine-free herbal tisanes with use dating back to pre-historic man.

fragrant rose petal tea pouch

This purchase will earn you 19-36 Points!
This purchase will earn you 19-36 Points!


The delicate white flowers of the elderflower plant are carefully harvested and dried to create a fragrant and flavourful tea.

It is aromatic, sweet, floral and very soothing.

Weight: 15g


Hibiscus is a tart, sweet bright red tea with cultural significance for many countries around the world.

It pairs wonderfully with other herbal blends and is packed with Vitamin C.

Weight: 15g


Used by the Aztecs as a health tonic and relaxant, this herb is still popular for its calming effect.

It is earthy, nutty, woody and mellow in flavour and delivers a sense of calm.

Weight: 15g

greek mountain tea

Growing at high altitudes across the Greek mountains, the herb is fluffy and soft in texture.
When brewed, it is sweet, soft and aromatic on the palette. 

Weight: 13g


3 piece tea infuser glass

Watch your gorgeous tea unfurl as it steeps in the teapro double wall glass, easy to clean 3-piece loose leaf tea infuser glass.

rose petal tea gift

A special 7g pouch of fragrant rose petal tea. You can drink it on its own or blend it with other teas in your box.

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£60.00/ every 3 months (£20 per box)

just tea, +infuser glass

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Matthews

I tried the Herbalism Box and loved it. The tea is high quality and delicious. My favourite is the hibiscus, but I've loved trying them all.

I love that it's caffeine free and the added benefits of the herbal tea moving into winter.

The infuser glass you get with your first month is amazing too. Makes it so easy to make.

Highly recommend it. Try it. You will not be dissapointed.


this box is so nice! perfect addition to the mix before winter and cold weather :) oh and the rose petals os such a lovely touch, feel so romantic adding it to the tea :))


I have bought the herbalism box recently and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes quality and healthy tea. I love the filling of the box, it’s packed in a very cute way and it comes with various tea packs and an infuser glass which is double walled and has a very good quality. My favourite tea is the Greek High Mountain and Elder flower tea; both of them make me feel very relaxed and calm. I also liked the Hibiscus Tea, which includes Vitamin C. I love the fact that the tea packs include a detailed description of the ingredients and there is also a flyer included in the box with the detailed description of the health benefits of each tea. Teapro is also a great gift idea, I just bought a gift box for my uncle.


I tried the herbal box and I’m so impressed!
Luckily the box came as I started to have flu like symptoms so I started drinking the elderflower tea straight away as it’s good for your immune system and can ease symptoms. I’m surprised to say it really worked and I felt so much better after having just one glass.

This is a great box to buy if you’re looking to try herbal tea with all the great benefits.

I definitely recommend! ?