Luxurious Tea Storage Jar with Acacia Wood Lid


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Store your loose leaf tea in our luxurious jars. The acacia wooden lid with an all-round silicone sealing loop create an airtight and moisture-proof environment to keep your tea fresh for longer.

   volume: 450ml |  950ml

   dimensions: 9cm x  10.5cm  | 9cm x 20cm

   material: acacia wood & high borosilicate glass

This purchase will earn you 12-22 Points!
This purchase will earn you 12-22 Points!

loose leaf fea storage jar

Store your loose leaf teas in our teapro glass containers! 

This stylish glass jar with an airtight acacia lid is an optimal solution for storing tea while allowing it to keep its flavour intact.


high borosilicate glass

The jars are made out of very sturdy high borosilicate glass, which is resistant to temperature changes and is much more durable than normal glass.

airtight seal

  The Acacia wooden lids have a special silicone sealing ring, which makes the jars airtight, keeping the tea fresh and fragrant for longer.


eco-friendly alternative

Unlike classic plastic containers, our tea storage jars are made with durable, sustainable, and recyclable materials with a low impact on the environment. 


450ml, 950ml, 2 x 450ml



1 review for Luxurious Tea Storage Jar with Acacia Wood Lid

  1. Will Brown

    These tea jars are really cool! Bought the 450ml ones as a gift for my partner and she loves them.
    They are proper air-tight, which is perfect for storing tea.

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