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This gorgeous Ceremonial Matcha Set is a must have for any matcha lover! The whisk and scoop are made out of Purple Bamboo, meaning there is no dye involved in the 2 tone colour, just meticulous and impressive carpentry of a beautiful wood.



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Purple Bamboo Matcha Whisk

The purple bamboo matcha whisk is hand made using what we think is a mindblowing feat of human skill and ingenuity. What emerges is a perfect purpose built all natural tea-tool.

Material: Purple Bamboo
Dimensions: 11.5cm x 7cm
Type: 100 prong

Speckled 2 tone ceramic Chawan

Ceramic Chawan Matcha bowl in a "Wan Nari" style, meaning circle shaped.

To use the bowl, pour a small amount of water into the bowl with your matcha and whisk until foamy. Add more water and whisk using your wrist in a Z shape with the whisk gently scraping the base of the bowl.

Diameter: 12cm
Height: 6cm
Material: ceramic

Purple Bamboo Matcha Spoon

We are a bit of a sucker for the rare purple bamboo wood. It creates a highly characterful all natural finish to this skilfully hand carved scoop.
The matcha spoon helps put you into a meditative and relaxed state for conducting your tea ceremony.

Material: Purple Bamboo
Length: 19cm

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Very new way to me of doing a caffeine drink

I decided to deter coffee and wanted to give a chance to matcha latte. I was trying to make it with the whisker at home, didn't work. Then I notice that on the packet of matcha I got says it is ceremonial grade. That sparked idea to look how properly samurai's or people in Japan use to make smooth drink, without lumps of matcha powder. I was looking for different scents as the dish in my opinion also matter to be the right shape and depth. I found the set on tea pro website and loved the details about it, bamboo whisker, with bamboo spoony to scoop the matcha powder. Loved the colour and details of the that type of darkish bamboo which the set is made of. The bowl is amazing in shape and colour to me. My drinks every day since I got this set are smooth and I love drinking this samurais drink, as it gives me sense of ritual to myself, as interpreted as time just for me to smooth all these powder into the desirable consistency of smoothness, yamy