Land of Fire Ceremonial Matcha


The highest grade of Japanese Matcha, from the “Land of Fire” Kyushu Island, the southernmost and most volcanic Island of Japan.  The green tea leaves are harvested in Early Spring, shaded to maximise the sweetness and vibrancy before being stone ground into this supremely smooth grassy, sweet umami Matcha.

   origin: Kyushu, Japan

   type: green tea

   picked: Spring

   flavour: fresh grass, smooth, mellow, umami

   aroma: delicate, spring, grassy


Land of Fire Ceremonial Matcha

This incredible vibrant Matcha is grown in Southern Kyushu. This region is known as Land of Fire for two reasons:

Firstly, this is where the land of the rising sun sees the first sun rises and the tea plants receive their first Spring.
Secondly, and arguably the main reason is due to the constant volcanic activity surrounding Kyushu where geothermal energy creates natural hot springs and fertile ash soils. Our matcha is grown near Kagoshima which sits within view of the active volcanoes of Sakurajima Island, known as Cherry Blossom Island.


Sakurajima Volcano

Sakurajima Kyuhsu, Japan

How to prepare a traditional matcha

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