Teapro TrimTonic Workout Tea


We’ve designed this tea blend to help you maximise your workout efforts. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to create a powerful, natural workout companion to support your fitness journey.

🧉  yerba maté boosts metabolism
🪷  lotus leaf helps body burn fat
🌱  nettle promotes detox
🌺  hibiscus reduces fat absorption

This purchase will earn you 6-16 Points!
This purchase will earn you 6-16 Points!


If you’re looking to loose weight, have more energy or simply boost your metabolism, then this tea is for you.

For best results, we recommend enjoying 1-2 cup per day 30 min before a workout or after a meal. 

🌱  100% natural
🌱  enjoy it hot or as a tasty iced tea
🌱  re-steep 2-3 times
🌱  boosts metabolism
🌱  helps your body burn fat
🌱  inhibits fat absorption
🌱  promotes detox

Taste: fruity, vegetal, mildly tart, refreshing
Preparation: 1-2 tbsp per cup

*contains caffeine
*not suitable if pregnant or breast-feeding



– A 2014 study found that consuming yerba mate right before a workout burned 24% more fat during moderate intensity exercise. 

– Another 12 weeks trial in 2015 concluded that yerba mate intake led to a significant reduction in body fat mass compared to the placebo group.


– This study from 2005 suggests that lotus leaf inhibits absorption of fat and carbohydrates, whilst accelerating metabolism and energy expenditure.

– Contains nuciferine and quercetin compounds, which have been studied for their potential to inhibit the formation of new fat cells. ( 2020)


– According to research, nettle tea has diuretic properties and can help the body detox

– A recent 8-week study found that blood glucose and body weight decreased significantly in the nettle-consumed group compared to the placebo group. 


One study showed that hibiscus extract reduced body weight, body fat, and body mass index after 12 weeks.

Another study suggests that hibiscus can inhibit fat absorption by blocking the lipase enzyme, which helps break down fats into small fractions so they are absorbed by the body through the intestine. This way, excess fat is passed through the colon as waste. 


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