Teapro XXL Tea Lover Gift Set


Looking for an impactful unique and beautiful gift for a tea lover?
This XXL tea lover gift set is the perfect choice!

Total value: £117.34

🎁 800ml teapot
🎁  infuser glass
🎁  on-the-go bottle
🎁  set of 2 placemats
🎁  3 flowering teas
🎁  Magic Love Potion herbal tea 15g
🎁  Silver Needle white tea 12g
🎁  Wuyi Wild Mountain black tea 15g
🎁  Gift wrapping


This purchase will earn you 100 Points!
This purchase will earn you 100 Points!


Our 3 piece infuser glass is the most spectacular and effortless way to brew your loose leaf tea.

Experience the ultimate convenience, style, and functionality with our teapro on-the-go loose leaf tea bottle.

Made from Borosilicate glass for maximum durability, our teapot is practical and versatile with capacity of 800ml. 


Handcrafted from sustainable water hyacinth straw, these placemats effortlessly blend style with nature.

Try this unique surprise bouquet containing 3 most spectacular flowering teas!

This exquisite herbal tea blend will enchant you with its floral aroma, mellow sweet taste and unique colour!



Silver Needle is the most prized white tea with delicate, sweet, floral flavour and exquisite melon orchid aroma.


The most flavourful black tea you’ve ever tried featuring flavour notes of ripe fruit, honey, chocolate and nuts.

gift wrapping

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white, grey, black


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