Hibiscus Flower Tea


Hibiscus tea is a sweet, tart, vibrant flower with lots of benefits. Antioxidants can help improve your bodies immune system. Hibiscus has been shown to reduce our bodies absorption of starch in turn aiding weight loss. 


   type: Herbal

   flavour: sweet, tart, lime

   aroma: earthy, citrus, floral

   pouch size: 20g (12 cups)

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Hibiscus flower is a tart, sweet, bright red tisane with zero calories, zero caffeine and lots of benefits.

It seems to effortlessly blend with any secondary ingredient making it the perfect bed fellow for other herbal teas or for brewing to fight the flu or aid reducing absorption of starches for weight-loss.

There are approximately 300 species of hibiscus of which the most flavourful tend to grow in hot dry countries around the world with colours ranging across the culture spectrum including pink, red, peach, yellow and purple.


In Ancient East Africa, Egyptian Pharoahs used to drink Hibiscus tea with Ice and Honey to cool down. Today it is known as Karkade tea.

Hibiscus is perhaps most famously known for the Hawaiian tradition of wearing the flower behind the right ear of women seeking a partner


Hibiscus Flower teapro tea


How to brew Hibiscus Tea like a teapro

Add 3-4 flowers

heat water to 100 °C

 steep for 3-4 min



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