Greek High Mountain Tea


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Greek High Mountain tea is a legendary caffeine-free herbal infusion made from Sideritis leaves grown in the Greek High Mountains around the Mediterranean . It’s light fluffy leaves soothe and relax with a sweet flavour

   origin: Greece

   type: herbal

   flavour: sweet, smooth, flowers

   aroma: floral, earthy, smooth


Greek Mountain Tea

Greek high Mountain Tea, known as Sideritis in Greek, can be translated as “he who is made of iron”. Growing wild at elevations around 1000m, this naturally caffeine free herbal tea is cultivated in various mountainous regions of Greece.

In ancient Greece, writers Pedanius Dioscorides and Theophrastus described 3 species of High mountain tea capable of healing wounds encountered in battle. The stem of the plant resembles a spear adding to the legend of this plant.

In 2011, the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” looked at the flavonoid content of all 150+ plants within Sideritis and found that every plant was rich in flavonoids and it has incredible effects as an anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-spasmodic.
It seems that almost all species contain essential oils including natural antioxidants and the study found that mountain tea was as powerful as green tea in stimulating cellular antioxidant defences and reducing oxidative stress.

Greek Mountain Tea -

Did we mention it tastes delicious and looks like fluffy clouds? Read more about this amazing herbal tea and its benefits in our blog post.

How to Brew Herbal Tea Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea leaves

heat water to 100C

infuse for 3 min


15g, 50g, 150g

1 review for Greek High Mountain Tea

  1. Karen Barbour

    This tea is absolutely THE best tea I have ever tasted and it has so many health giving properties. It is much better than green tea. It smells divine when you open the packet. Four minutes of brewing later and you an fabulous amber tea which smells wonderfully floral. I have mine with honey to sweeten and they really do compliment each other well. As I suffer from anxiety and depression I use this everyday. It helps to calm the anxiety and helps me sleep. It also has properties to deal with inflammation which makes it great for my IBS as well.

    I would highly recommend this tea. It is awesome!

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