Teapro Black Label Supreme Phoenix Eye Jasmine Green Tea | Limited Edition



Supreme Jasmine Phoenix Eye Green Tea is Teapro’s first black label tea. A uniquely fragrant, hand-rolled green tea, reminiscent of a shimmering emerald. Made from leaves of supreme quality, from Guangxi.

🌱  origin: Guangxi, China

🌱  type: Green Tea

🌱  picked: Spring

🌱  flavour: Honey, Smooth, Mellow

🌱  aroma: Jasmine, Sweet

This purchase will earn you 10-112 Points!
This purchase will earn you 10-112 Points!

Supreme Jasmine Phoenix Eye Green Tea

Hand-rolled young, fresh and sweet, supreme green tea leaves with a deep, fresh jasmine flower aroma that persists after multiple infusions. The eye shaped jewels unfurl in your glass for an even infusion and smooth, refreshing flavour.

Natural scenting

Night-blooming white jasmine flowers are picked in the morning while the tiny petals are tightly closed. The jasmine flowers are mixed in with the green tea. Once the night falls, the flowers begin to blossom releasing their intense and exquisite floral aroma. The tea absorbs the fragrance and moisture from the flowers and after which it needs to be sifted and dried. This process is then repeated up to seven times! 


Teapro Black Label

Teapro Black label is a limited edition range of teas with unprecedented quality, flavour and scarcity.



Guang literally translates as expanse and Guangxi is a vast, fascinating and beautiful autonomous region of China with incredible diversity in Geography, culture and languages with Pinghua, Zhuang, Hakka, Min, Cantonese and Mandarin all spoken.


The Li River flows through the heart of Guangxi which is also the location of the magical Karst mountain range. 


Maybe it is geographical determinism, where the inspiring scenery has also inspired a unique mix of religions in this autonomous region where many “folk” religions are worshipped alongside Taoism and buddhism with a 2007 survey understanding that above 40% of the region believe in some form of Ancestors worship.


Amazingly, 85% of the world’s star anise is grown in Guangxi and this is symptomatic of an area that has resisted industrialisation in favour of a more traditional way of life. 

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how to brew green tea like a teapro

add 2-3 g tea leaves

heat water to 85C

infuse for 3 min

re-steep up to 3 times

Weight 0.3 kg

15g, 150g, 300g


compostable pouch, glass jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Olivia W.
Just wow!

I was hesitating at first because I wasn't sure if it would be worth the higher price tag and WOW - it was so worth it! What a spectacular tea - the jasmine fragrance hits you as soon as you open the pouch. It also stays when you brew the tea and you can actually taste it! I keep it for special occasions when I want to treat myself to something extraordinary.


if you're into green tea, you have to try this super precious one!! loooove the gentle real jasmine aroma!! an absolute indulgence!! highly recommended!!!

Will Brown

This tea is amazing! The jasmine aroma hits you as soon as you open the jar and the taste is really sweet and mellow. Highly recommend it!