Monkey King Green Tea


Monkey King Green Tea from the northern slopes of the Huang Shan mountain range deliver a theatrical melting display as the tall pressed leaves melt into your cup. A wonderful Anhui Province Delicacy.

   origin: Huang Shan, Anhu Province, China

   type: green tea

   flavour: orchid, sweet, warm hay

   aroma: floral, fresh, hay


Monkey King Green Tea

Taiping HouKui in English literally translates to “peaceful monkey leader” and is often known as Monkey King. It is considered to be one of the best Chinese Green teas and will wow you as the flat reed like pressed leaves melt into your cup.

Monkey King grows on the northern slopes of the Huang Shan mountain range, enclosed by lakes. The leaves of this tea absorb the flavour of surrounding orchids, giving it a light orchid flavour.

Buds and young leaves are hand plucked, then pan-fired, pressed flat between layers of cloth in a bamboo basket, and spread to cool. The pressing cloth imprints the leaves in an intricate crisscrossing pattern.

How to Brew Green Tea Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea leaves

heat water to 80C

infuse for 3 min

re-steep up to 3 times


12g, 30g, 50g


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