Organic Honeybush


Honeybush, known as Heuningbos in Afrikaans, is equally exclusive to South Africa. It gets better with each brew and has a uniquely sweet honey nose and slightly more fruity flavour than Red Bush.


   origin: South Africa, Cedarberg region

   type: Honeybush

   picked: July – October

   flavour: honey, sweet, fruity, apricot

   aroma: sweet, honey



Known as Heuningbos in Afrikaans, honeybush got it’s name thanks to its bright yellow flowers and their distinctly sweet honey aroma.

The plant grows along the coast in the region just south of Cedarberg. There is very limited commercial cultivation of Honeybush, so harvest relies heavily on wild bushes.

To make honeybush tea, the flowers, leaves and soft stems are all cut and piled to ferment until the green colour changes to dark brown and exudes a sweet, honey-like scent.


How to brew Honeybush like a teapro

add 2-3 g tea leaves

heat water to 100C

infuse for 3 min

Weight N/A

12g, 50g, 100g


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