7 Best Matcha Pancake Recipes

In honour of this indisputably mouthwatering dessert AND because we’re currently obsessed with matcha thanks to our “Never Too Matcha” March teapro box, we’ve made a compilation of our favourite matcha pancake recipes.

1. Matcha Buttermilk Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce

Buttermilk is actually one of my favourite ingredients when it comes to pancakes. I think it makes them particularly soft and fluffy. Imagine my joy when I came across this lovely matcha pancake recipe with raspberry sauce! Finger-licking good!

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @missrachelphipps


2. Gluten Free Matcha Pancakes

If you prefer to steer clear of gluten, you’ll love this matcha pancake recipe by Caroline from RD|licious! We’re also big fans of simple, yet so on point toppings!

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @RD__licious



3. Matcha Pancakes with Kuromitsu

If you deem your matcha pancakes as not Japanese enough, we recommend trying out this recipe created by Marc from NoRecipe. Not only are his pancakes particularly fluffy, they are also topped by the intriguing “Kuromitsu” aka Japanese black sauce adding some smokey caramel flavour into the equation.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @norecipes


4. Banana Matcha Oatmeal Pancakes

Can I just say, this is not fair! Looking at these banana matcha pancakes is making me hungry and I’ve literally just eaten! Absolutely love the delicious combination of banana, cinnamon and matcha. Recipe creator Shash also gets an extra brownie point (or shall say pancake point?) for using oatmeal flower.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @savoryspin



5. Matcha Souffle Pancake

This matcha souffle pancake recipe is beyond divine! The interesting fact is that you need the same ingredients as for “normal” pancakes. So what makes them so unbelievably fluffy? Well, it’s all about the execution! Head over to Justonecookbook to check out Nami’s delicious recipe!

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Instagram: @justonecookbook


6. Gluten Free Matcha Pancakes

This simple matcha pancake recipe has coconut oil as its secret ingredient, giving it extra creaminess and a lovely balance to the matcha.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @poosh


White Chocolate Chip Matcha Pancakes 

This is a yummy matcha pancake recipe with almond milk. As Joleen suggests on her website, the umami, slightly bitter taste of matcha pairs perfectly with the creamy sweet flavour of white chocolate chip topping!

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @joleencuisine



New to matcha? 

Not to worry, our “Never too Matcha” march box will turn you into a matcha teapro in no time! Want to find out more? You can check it out here: teapro journey


Which of these matcha pancake recipes will you be making today? 😛


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