Blue Butterfly Pea Tea – Colour Changing Herbal Tisane


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Butterfly pea tea is a caffeine-free herbal infusion made from the flowers of the Clitoria Ternatea plant. Also known as blue tea, it brews a gorgeous royal blue liquor, which changes to purple with a dash of lemon juice. 


🌱  origin: Thailand

🌱  type: herbal

🌱  flavour: sweet, cooked beans, dried bread

🌱  aroma dry leaf: sweet hay-like, grassy

🌱  aroma: cooked veggies, earthy

This purchase will earn you 4-24 Points!
This purchase will earn you 4-24 Points!

Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly-pea flower tea, also popularly known as Blue Tea is a caffeine-free herbal tisane made from dried flowers of the Clitoria ternatea plant. Very popular in Thailand, this herb is packed with anti-oxidants and is often served as a wellness tea. You can drink it on its own or add honey and lemon to taste. As a food pairing, butterfly pea tea goes well with pasta and salads.
Butterfly pea tea is famous for its unusual deep blue colour, which changes to purple with a dash of lemon. The flower is also often used as a natural food dye.


butterfly pea flower


Impress your friends by using butterfly pea tea as a natural colouring agent in this yummy gluten-free cheesecake.

These blue glazed donuts are vegan as well as gluten free – so really there’s no need to hold back: go ahead and eat them all!

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How to Brew Butterfly Pea Tea Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea leaves

heat water to 80C

infuse for 3 min

re-steep up to 3 times


10g, 30g, 100g, 200g

5 reviews for Blue Butterfly Pea Tea – Colour Changing Herbal Tisane

  1. Daisy

    This tea is so beautiful and magical, pretty to look at dry and when steeped.

  2. Will Brown

    This tea is amazing! My favourite way to drink it is with honey and lemon!
    Also, I sometimes add ice for a refreshing summer ice-tea version.

  3. Kazi Sanjidah Alamgir

    The tea this makes is absolutely stunning. Looks exactly like the photos! And you only need a small number of flowers for a brew so even a small pouch can last a while.

    However, I’m not a big fan of the flavour, in that I don’t get much of it. I prefer to use this to colour drinks, like in lemonade (where the colour transforms) , with rose petals, or in a latte.

  4. Rebekah Markewich

    Amazing! The color is so vibrant!
    (Was given this item to share on other social media but my opinion is that it is amazing)

  5. Nicole McKinney

    So, ordinarily I’m… not the biggest fan of Butterfly Pea tisane. But this one stands apart for several reasons. First the shape and condition of the flowers is perfect. Not just pretty, but picture-pretty. Exactly as shown here. This is different from other brands I’ve purchased which arrived a little mangled. Perhaps that’s why these also taste better.. fresher, sweeter ( altho not actually sweet). Other Blue Pea Pea tisanes have been spinachy at best, bland at worst for me. But this one is easily drinkable and absolutely great with a mixer. Considering the health benefits, that’s a win in my book.

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