Black Mallow Flower Tea


Discover Black Mallow Flower Tea (Alcea Rosea) – a unique caffeine-free tisane with an intense pitch-black brew and a mellow, floral and sweet taste with a velvety texture.

🌱  type: herbal

🌱  flavour: sweet, floral, mineral

🌱  aroma : floral, hay

This purchase will earn you 5-14 Points!
This purchase will earn you 5-14 Points!

Black Mallow Flower

Also known as Alcea Rosea, this flowering plant, is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Its leaves are round, soft, and velvety, making it a distinctive and easily recognisable herb.

Throughout history, Black Mallow Flower has played a significant role in various cultures. Ancient Egyptians cultivated it for both its culinary and medicinal uses. Its botanical name, “malva,” even comes from the Greek word “malakos,” meaning soft, reflecting the plant’s soft and soothing nature.

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How to Brew Rose Tea Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea leaves

heat water to 100C

infuse for 3 min


11g, 30g, 70g