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Our Japanese Genmaicha is a flavoursome blend of luxury Sencha green tea and roasted popped rice boasting a toasty aroma with a savoury umami flavour.

   origin: Japan

   type: green tea

   picked: Spring

   flavour: roasted, mellow, umami

   aroma: delicate, grassy, toasty


Japanese Genmaicha

The Popped Genmaicha rice is treated with finesse. Once rinsed, the rice is steamed and roasted before being mixed with the finest Spring Sencha.

The birthplace of Genmaicha is Kyoto. During the early 1900’s a tea farmer decided to mix roasted brown rice with his green tea, to make it more attainable for the growing poor population. The tactic proved to be such a success that the tea became known as: ”People’s Tea”.
The tea proved to be a nutritious tea blend, which was almost as filling as some foods and was often used for religious fasting by monks or by soldiers with scant rations to sustain themsevles. 

In modern times, the mild, grassy and nutty flavour of genmaicha has won over the entire population and is a great tea for food pairing.

Genmai is also the word for “brown rice” in Japanese, although it’s actually now predominantly made with white rice, due to it’s more fragrant and umami properties when roasted.

How to prepare Genmaicha like a teapro

add 1 tsp tea leaves

heat water to 80C

infuse for 3 min

re-steep up to 3 times

brewing tip

For a stronger, more toasty rice flavour, use boiling water and for a more nuanced tea, brew it with water at around 80°C.

Weight 0.3 kg

15g, 100g, 200g

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  1. Denis Zenin

    One of the best tea blends I have ever tasted. Rice is such a beautiful addition to the beverage’s flavour. Bravo, guys!

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