Jungle Berry Fruit Tea


So many berries in one cup! Our Jungle Berry tisane will not only impress with its striking purple colour, but also with its full-bodied, dark fruit and wild flavours.

Ingredients: blackberry, elderberry, chokeberry, raspberry, apple, hibiscus, butterfly pea flower, coconut.


   type: Fruit

   flavour: dark, forest, tart

   aroma: sweet, blackberry, coconut


Jungle Berry

A dark forest fruit flavour that can take on striking shifts in colour from light red through to dark purple. This tea can be enjoyed as both a hot fruit tisane or as a refreshing summery cooler. 

Our Jungle Berry Fruit tea includes natural dried blackberry, elderberry, chokeberry, apple, hibiscus, butterfly pea flower, raspberry, coconut and blackberry.

Completely caffeine free, our tisane is a great alternative to regular tea if you’re looking to cut down on your caffeine intake and enjoy tart refreshing tisanes Blackberry is the flavour that comes out strongest for us, if you create a concentrate by brewing for over 6 mins you can add some blackberry’s, ice and honey before leaving in the fridge.

This iced tea is a quick and easy treat for all ages and can be sweetened further with honey to taste.

How to Brew Fruit Tea Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea

heat water to 100C°

infuse for 4-6 min

Weight N/A

25g, 130g, 260g


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