Raspberry Breeze Fruit Tisane


This raspberry tisane wows visually and aromatically with its incredibly fragrant freeze-dried raspberries, reminiscent of a sweet summer breeze! These whole raspberry pieces are unbelievably flavoursome and deliver a stunning sweet but tart raspberry tisane.

Ingredients: freeze-dried whole raspberry, hibiscus flower, linden blossom.

   type: Fruit

   flavour: raspberry, floral, rich

   aroma: raspberry, summer berries, sweet summer breeze


Raspberry Breeze

Whole raspberry’s are freeze dried, allowing them to erupt with flavour in your cup. We can’t get enough of this tea as it seems to create a uniquely pleasant sensory overload of smell and taste as if transported on the breeze.<br>
Our Raspberry fruit is additionally paired with other hibiscus and linden blossom.

Completely caffeine free, this tea is great for all the family and can be brewed hot as a great caffeine free alternative to regular tea or cool/iced cold as a refreshing iced tea. . 

How to Brew Fruit Tea Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea

heat water to 100C°

infuse for 4-6 min

Weight N/A

15g, 60g, 120g


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