Honey Tulsi Chai


Fresh Tulsi leaves are one of India’s most prized herbs, known as the holy basil. Tulsi is used for boosting the immune system and reducing stress. Honey Tulsi chai is known as an ideal morning brew.


   origin: India

   type: Chai

   flavour: honey, spicy, sweet

   aroma: spices, honey



The History of Indian Chai

In the 1830s, the British East India Company became concerned about the Chinese monopoly on tea. After discovering the existence of the Camelia Sinensis Assamica tea plants in India, then began to cultivate their own tea plantations.

While tea was incredibly popular in the West, most Indians found it too expensive. In 1901, the Indian Tea Association decided that to make more money, they needed Indians to drink tea too.

In order to popularise tea, the Indian Tea Association set up vendors, known as chaiwalas, at major railway stations, outside of factories, cotton mills and coal mines, convincing employers to give Indians a mandatory tea break every day. Each chaiwala wanted to stand out from the crowd, so they started adding spices to their tea, like black pepper, cardamom and ginger, developing their own special masala, or spice mix.

How to Make Chai Like a Teapro

Traditionally, chai is made by simmering the spices and black tea in milk, mixing in some sugar and straining the brew into a cup.If you’re vegan, you can use oatmilk or just brew chai in boiling water.

1. for extra aroma, toast 1 tbsp of the spice-tea mix in the pan for 1 min

2. we like mixing milk and water in 2:1 or 1:1 ratio
(use approx 400-600ml)

3. bring to boil and remove from the heat when it starts to simmer

4. for extra sweetness, add honey or sugar at the end

You can also just steep your chai in water like you would do with normal black tea.


15g, 50g, 150g


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