9 Unusual Chai Recipes You Have To Try

When we were putting together our winter warming Chaiwala box, a lot of our inspiration came from researching all the different types of chai, as well as unusual chai recipes out there.
In this post, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite discoveries – chai recipes as unique as the regions and creators they come from!

1. Vegan Chai Latte made from Scratch

This is one of the first chai recipes we’ve tried ourselves. Instead of normal milk, we decided to go with coconut milk, which worked rather nicely. Alternatively, oat milk and almond milk work really well too!
Unlike the traditional chai masala, we’ve also added some grated nutmeg and sweetened the chai with ginger-spiced honey – yumm!!

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @teaprouk

teapro chai recipe dairy free blog post

2. Iced Chai Latte

We’re huge fans of Jee and her amazing recipes, which you can find on ohhowcivilized.com. One of her specialties are iced teas. That’s why we decided to include this iced chai latte. I think it’s an interesting choice to serve it cold and go against the usual spicy warming-winter chai image.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @ohhowcivilized

iced chai latte

3. Kashmiri Chai Tea

Originating from Kashmir, this pink! chai is made with Kashmiri green tea and exotic spices. The secret ingredient for the pink colour is a dash of baking soda, which reacts with the chlorophyl in the green tea! The flavour is traditionally more savoury, than sweet – although you can also make it sweet, depending on your own personal preference.
It’s often decorated with pistachios, almonds and saffron. This is a tea best served during brunch hours.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @chilitochoc

kashmiri chai

4. Spicy Turmeric Chai Latte

Turmeric chai is often also called “Golden Milk” because of it’s incredible health properties. This Tumeric Chai Latte recipe by Laurel is incredibly tasty and invigorating, showcasing a well balanced spice mix!
Although Laurel uses black tea in this recipe, you can also make this chai caffeine-free by either leaving out the black tea completely or replacing it with tulsi.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @darngoodveggies

turmeric latte

5. Dirty Chai Latte

In case the spicy kick isn’t enough for you to feel revitalised and you also need a shot of caffeine in your system, check out this Dirty Chai Latte recipe by TheBlondielocks.com. We love her decoration as well as the special secret ingredients such as vanilla spices and maple syrup.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @theblondielocks

dirty chai latte

6. Sulaimani Chai

Also, known as ‘Ghava’ or ‘Kattan Chaya’, this is a form of black tea which finds its roots in South India. Traditionally, its served after a heavy meal as Sulaimani is believed to aid in digestion. We absolutely love this recipe by Suguna from kannammacooks.com. Head over and check out the exact steps to make this chai.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @kannammacooks


7. Chai Spiced Butter Tea

I was so excited when I found this recipe! The reason is it’s unusual ingredient, which is pu erh!!! Our teapro pu erh box is coming out in February, so you could try out this chai recipe if you get hold of our (or someone else’s pu erh)! I also love how Jenny uses a pinch of sea salt and unrefined cane sugar to give this chai a special twist.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @nourishedkitchen



8. Cutting Chai Recipe

This chai recipe comes from Mumbai. It is a very strong and flavourful tea. I suppose it’s the espresso of chais! It’s served in glasses like the ones below which you only fill halfway – hence the name “cutting”.

Get the Recipe here
Instagram: @cookclickndevou

Cutting chai recipe

9. Indian Masala Mint Chai

This last recipe is again our own creation. The unique ingredient in this chai is the fresh mint! We think it adds an interesting twist to the bold flavour of the chai. Chai it out and let us know what you think! 🙂

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