5 Best Herbal Teas To Drink This Autumn

As we await the vibrant leaves, the crisper air, and of course, the delicious tea at this time of year, something to get you going this season, is a herbal infusion full of flavour and health benefits. Herbal tea is the perfect brew to get you feeling balanced and ready for the sweater weather.

When considering what teas to drink in the autumn, we frequently look for something that will keep us warm, give nutrition, boost our immune systems, and provide relief from a cold or flu. 

That’s why at Teapro, we have put together a list of tasty caffeine-free tisanes, that will help you get through the rainy days and keep those nasty sniffles at bay. 

Chamomile tea

Our caffeine-free chamomile flower tea is a delicate, silky, and sweet tisane with calming benefits. A soothing and mellow brew to help you unwind and feel at ease. Chamomile tea is a healer in the universe of teas; as it contains many medical properties and is highly popular for lowering the risk of diseases. 

Chamomile flower tea has been used for millennia, as a natural home remedy, including the capacity to promote sleep and reduce anxiety, relieve colds, ease menstruation discomfort, protect your stomach, shield your skin from seasonal change, and increase immunity. 



Greek high mountain tea

When the ancient Greek shepherds high in the mountains began to brew this rare herb to keep warm and prevent illnesses, they were most definitely onto something. 

This herbal infusion is incredibly effective with its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-spasmodic properties. The Greek High Mountain tea is still consumed today as a daily refreshment and immunity boost by many people all over the world. It is one of the most well-known Greek herbs. 

Also known as Sideritis, the Greek High Mountain herb grows mainly in the Mediterranean area including the region of Greece from an altitude of about 1000 meters. A gentle and relaxing tea that tastes flowery, pure, and sweet and is reminiscent of a blend of mint, chamomile, and citrus.

The Greek High Mountain tea is famous for its health benefits, take a look at the ‘Why You Should Drink Greek Mountain Tea’ article, which delves into all the reasons why this tea has maintained its reputation for making you feel elevated and refreshed. 

Elderflower tea

An exquisite, cream-coloured tea that is sweet and musky with a grape-like flavour that exudes a floral, lychee and hay scent. Elderflower tea is a lovely and comforting caffeine-free tisane that is beneficial for preventing the flu in the winter due to its high level of vitamin c, and other powerful antioxidants.

Originating in Northern Europe, it has various mythologies that date back to ancient times. It is still used today as a curing remedy, as it may relieve bloating, strengthen the heart, and increase kidney function. Would you like to learn more about the history of elderflower tea as a healing medication? Check out the ‘Elderflower tea: a pre-historic healing medicine’ article, which explores all this fascinating aspect of Elderflower tea. 



Whole leaf peppermint tea

A fresh, cooling, sweet tisane with a refreshing flavour, that creates a relaxing sensation within the minty scent. A caffeine-free beverage that has a soothing and calming effect and is perfect as a bedtime brew, especially during those colder nights! 

Peppermint tea is native to Europe, and its stimulating menthol aroma makes this beverage one of the most popular teas in the world. Peppermint contains antibacterial properties that fight microorganisms that produce dental plaque, making a person’s breath smell fresher and giving important advantages to oral hygiene.

The changing seasons bring with them numerous encounters with friends and coworkers, which can lead to colds or the flu. The Whole Leaf Peppermint tea decreases throat infections, sinusitis, and coughing.

Even lowering your temperature could be aided by peppermint, as when you have a fever, peppermint helps your body’s pores expand, allowing the extra heat to leave.



Hibiscus flower tea

A sweet, tart-like, limey flavoured tisane, that is explosive in colour and vibrancy. It has an earthy, floral and citrus aroma that will provide all the goodness in one sip.

Hibiscus Flower tea has no calories or caffeine, and provides numerous health benefits, particularly during times when your mood may be gloomy and clouded. This simple blend is known to help in the reduction of starch absorption for weight loss. 

Originating from North Africa and Southeast Asia, this Hibiscus Flower tea can be consumed hot or cold with ice and added flavouring of your choice. Have a scroll at the ‘Hibiscus tea: a flower with roots around the world’, where you can discover all countries hibiscus flower tea has had a profound effect on, and how it has intertwined with their culture. 


Colder days are already upon us, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a tasty cup of herbal tea. Tell us what you’re going to try and which of these teas is your personal favourite. We can’t wait to read your comments!

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