5 Self-Care Habits for a Happier You

Stress is our constant unwelcome companion – caught between the anxiety of social media, unstable economy, fear about our environment and a rather strange political climate… how do stay sane and balanced? The answer is self-care.
A number of research studies show that practising mindfulness improves our mental and physical health. Obviously, one of the self-care habits we can highly recommend is to drink lots of tea – I mean just check out all the beneficial effects of tea! It can help us calm down and boost our brain power at the same time. Sounds contradictory, but its true.
Anyways, drinking tea is a given. So what other ways can we practise mindfulness?

1. Mindful Breathing

This type of breathing can be achieved by focusing your attention to your breathing pattern. You can simply breathe in a calm way and allow your feelings and thoughts to flow throughout without being distracted. Mindful breathing has numerous benefits, including improved focus and efficiency, increased positivity, and greater physical and mental energy.

selfcare hugging

2. Reflective writing

This type of writing allows you to reflect on your experiences and thoughts. When you engage in expressive writing you don’t have to worry about the grammar or the spelling – simply write whatever that comes to your mind. Expressive writing is traditionally done with pen and paper. But you can also do this by keeping a blog. Blog psychologist, Dennis Relojo-Howell explains: ‘Blogging is an effective way to process your thoughts and it also allows you to connect with people with similar interests.’

teapro selfcare writing

3. Meditative hugging

Hugging exudes warmth and deeper connection. It does not matter whether you hug a person, an animal, or even a tree. Hugging evokes a feeling of connectedness – that you are not alone. Hugging encourages our ability to be fully present with another. A heart-to-heart hug can bring about significant benefits on our mental and physical health and happiness.

hugs make us happy

4. Go for a walk 

Walking is a simple yet effective way to incorporate self-care into your daily life. When you do mindful walking take note of the surroundings around you. Look at the flowers and feel the air as it brushes against your cheek. Be aware of each step and breathe.

selfcare walking

5. Mini-breaks

When you’ve been working all day, it’s important to have a break. Reflect on what you have achieved so far for the day. Also think of what happens when you come back home – perhaps your partner would have cooked something for you, or your pet is excited to see you. You can also think about what you want to achieve in the future. And of course, while you’re having a mini-break you can enjoy your cup of relaxing tea.

teapro selfcare taking a break

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