Finding Your Zen With Tea Aromatherapy

Making the time to take care of ourselves can be challenging at times. We often struggle with multiple responsibilities, and the workload can get on top of us.

For starters, let’s take a deep breath and explore a few approaches we can take to rid ourselves from stress and regain our balance.

Self-care can be incorporated into your regular routine in many ways. Here are some useful suggestions that you can implement right away.

Traditional meditation technique

Tea is a great way to add a little zen into your daily life, in particular loose-leaf tea! Whether you’re drinking pure tea or tea blends, you’ll find that the fragrant aroma of tea can make you feel calmer, and offer you that uplifting feeling that you just need. 

There are many effective techniques to reduce stress and anxiety if you take some time for yourself. The best approach to engage your body and mind in a relaxing state is to learn as many techniques and methods as possible, such as breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga.

Anyone can practise meditation and mindfulness, which is a straightforward technique that improves peace and clarity, fosters contentment, and boosts self-esteem. Consistency is essential to seeing improvements within oneself while practising meditation. Meditation doesn’t need to be flawless or refined; it only demands effort and taking some time out of your day to connect with yourself.

1. Sit down.
Find a quiet, peaceful area where you can sit.

2. Establish a time frame.
Starting out? Picking a brief period of time—like five or 10 minutes—can be helpful.

3. Take note of your body.
You can sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, cross-legged, or kneel—all are OK. Just make sure you’re in a secure position that you can stay in for a while.

4. Take a deep breath.

Pay attention to how your breath feels as it enters and leaves your body.

5. Recognize when your thoughts have wandered.
Your focus will eventually leave the breath and move to other places. When you notice your mind has wandered—in a few seconds, a minute, or five minutes—return your focus to the breath.

6. Be kind with your wandering mind.
Don’t pass judgement on yourself or dwell on the content of your thoughts. Simply return.

7. Close with Kindness
Lift your gaze softly when you’re ready (if your eyes are closed, open them). Take a time to listen for any sounds in the area. Take note of how your body feels right now. Take note of your thoughts and feelings.

Connecting with nature

A sense of serenity and tranquillity can be experienced simply by being in nature; this may entail going for a walk or taking a moment to take in the fresh air and quiet surroundings.

With the autumnal season approaching, now is the time to take aromatherapy to the next level, as it provides long-term mental and physical strengthening support, while you engage in relaxing hobbies or activities to keep you energised and in touch with life.

Tea & aromatherapy

Making tea might provide a release when you are meditating. 

Listen to the tea pouring into your cup as it finishes brewing, as you lift the filter, the sounds of the tea trickling into your cup will make you feel calm and at ease. 

Enjoy the blissful moment and a serene ambience when you grip the cup with both hands and breathe in all the delectable aromas. 

Engaging in all senses to its fullest potential can advance the experience of aromatherapy.

That’s it! That is the practice. Your mind wanders as you struggle to focus your attention, but you eventually pull it back while being as gentle as you can (as many times as you need to).

Tea aromatherapy for every occasion

Each tea aroma can have a different effect on you, ranging from calming to uplifting and energising.

At Teapro, we have put together a range of teas according to your needs, that could help enhance your well-being and revitalise your body and mind.

Soothing and relaxing

Rose petal tea

The refreshing and ethereal caffeine-free herbal rose tea, which has origins in the Middle East and a history dating back 30 million years, offers an alluring smell of floral bliss. The essential oils in rose tea, that you end up inhaling when taking a sip are said to relieve stress, fight anxiety, and relax your body and mind.

Additional benefits of rose tea include improving healthy and glowing skin, detoxifying, and relieving menstrual cramps. You can start to see favourable effects over time, and rose tea is a delightful way to find your zen and enjoy the delicious sweet as well as relaxingly floral flavour and scent.



Toasty and comforting

Dragon well (long jing) green tea

Chinese tea culture is rich in traditions. Dragon Well (long jing) Green Tea is no exception. It has a thousand-year history that dates to the Qing Dynasty. The taste has fresh umami (essence of deliciousness) flavour with a toasty, roasted and nutty undertone. A homely tea that brings comfort, and if you wanted to add more authenticity to it, it is greatly suggested to make and drink your tea from a three-piece infuser glass, where it gives more of an experience and you can indulge in the infusion as well as it looking very well made and luxurious.



2013 golden buds ripe pu-erh brick

It’s good to occasionally step beyond your comfort zone and try something a little unusual or different from what you’re used to. Pu-Erh is an aged tea that has been evolving since the 17th century.

A smooth, deeply chocolaty and earthy taste with rich flavour, it is also a favourite for weight loss and helps digestion. The 2013 Golden Buds Ripe Pu-Erh Brick will enhance your appreciation for authentic tea, its processing, and its many developments throughout the time of creation.

This 2013 Golden Buds Ripe Pu- Erh Brick tea, gives a sense of value and understanding, it provides knowing what patience is and how this tea has been developing into its flavours for almost ten years.




Jungle berry fruit tea

A striking coloured tea with an intense fruity flavour that may be enjoyed as a hot tisane or a refreshing crisp summer cooler. Deliciously blended with sweet and tart fruit, where

you can taste all the sensation and complexity of the ingredients. TeaPro is striving to provide mouthwatering and wonderful tea recipes. Check out the Jungle Berry Iced Tea Cooler Recipe, which is incredibly refreshing and tasty.

With these recommended teas, you will be indulging in flavour and feeling a sense of enjoyment, all while keeping completely sustainable. Take a look at how you can brew a perfect loose-leaf tea, as well as how to be carbon conscious when making it.



We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever tried aromatherapy before and what your favourite scent is! 

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