34 Best Tea Puns To Make Your Day Matcha Better

Hi there! So Nice to Matcha!

As “teapros”, we’re not just tea enthusiasts – we’re tea-pun aficionados on a mission! We’ve combed through the vast tea-scape of wordplay possibilities, hand-picking only the most quali-tea puns to steep your conversations in laughter and brew up a storm of amusement.

Just like a perfectly brewed cup of tea, our selection of puns is an artful blend of flavours, designed to tickle your taste for humour and make your chats as flavourful as your favourite cuppa.

Whether you’re a chai enthusiast, a matcha lover, or simply appreciate a good pun, these brew-tifully crafted jokes are here to infuse your day with oolong-lasting joy. So, get your kettle ready, settle in with your cu-tea mug, and let’s get the par-tea started.

This is a tea pun with the title "Spill the Tea" and a falling mug with tea spilling all over the place

Spill The Tea

This is a tea pun with the title "Let's get the par-tea started" with different types of tea cups and biscuits

Let’s Get This Par-tea Started!

This is a Tea pun with the title "nice tea meet you" with 2 tea cups smiling and shaking hands

Nice Tea Meet You

1. Tea Puns

1. Spill The Tea.
2. Let’s Get The Part-tea Started.
3. Nice Tea Meet You.
4. You’re Tea-riffic.
5. You’re Such A Hot-tea
6. You’re Such A Cu-tea
7. You are Beau-tea-ful

This is a tea pun with the title " you're such a hot-tea" and a cup of hot tea as a sticker

You’re Such A Hot-tea

This is a tea pun with the title "you're such a cu-tea" with a cute tea cup

You’re Such A Cu-tea

This is a tea pun with the title "you're beau-tea-ful" and two cups of tea talking as a couple

You Are Beau-Tea-Ful

8. No Need To Be Sal-tea.
9. Hones-tea Is The Best Policy
10. This Cup Is My Proper-tea.
11. Mul-tea-tasking Is My Exper-teas.
12. This Tea Is So Tas-tea
13. Use Your Crea-tea-vity

This is a tea pun with the title "this tea is so tas-tea"

This Tea Is So Tas-Tea

This is a tea pun with the title "hones-tea is the best policy"

Hones-tea Is The Best Policy

Use Your Crea-tea-vity

14. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tea
15. You’re My Best-tea
16. It’s a Brew-ti-ful Day
17. Sip Sip Hooray!

Tea Quotes - Sweet dreams are made of tea - Tea Puns

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Tea

Tea Quotes - You're my best-tea - Tea Puns

You’re My Best-tea

Tea Quotes - It's a Brew-tea-ful Day - Tea Puns

It’s A Brew-Tea-Ful Day

2. Mug Puns

18. You’re Mug-nificent
19. I Like Big Mugs And I Cannot Lie
20. Why did the tea go to the police station? Because it was mugged.

3. Matcha Puns

21. So Nice to Matcha
22. So Little Time, So Matcha To Do
23. I’m Feeling So Matcha Better Today

Tea Quotes - So nice to matcha - Tea Puns

So Nice To Matcha

Tea Quotes - So Little Time, So matcha to do - Tea Puns

So Little Time, So Matcha To Do 

Tea Quotes - I'm feeling so matcha better today - Tea Puns

I’m Feeling So Matcha Better Today!

24. I Love You So Matcha 
25. We are Matcha Made in Heaven
26. We are A Perfect Matcha

Tea Quotes - I love you so matcha - Tea Puns

I Love You So Matcha

Tea Quotes - We're a matcha made in heaven - Tea Puns

We’re A Matcha Made In Heaven 

Tea Quotes - We are a perfect matcha - Tea Puns

We Are A Perfect Matcha

Jasmine Puns

27. Jas-yours? No, Jas-mine.

Chai Puns

28. I believe I can Chai
29. Don’t be Chai

Tea Quotes -Jas yours_ No, Jasmine - Tea Puns

Jas-yours? No, Jas-mine

Tea Quotes - I believe I can chai - Tea Puns

I Believe I Can Chai

Tea Quotes - Don't be chai - Tea Puns

Don’t Be Chai

6. Oolong Puns

30. Move Oolong, Nothing To Tea here.
31. Can’t We Just All Get Oolong?
32. Why The Oolong Face?
33. I’m Gonna Love You Oolong Time.
34. I’ve Been Waiting Oolong, long Time For This.

This is a tea pun with the title "I'm gonna love you oolong time"

I’m Gonna Love You Oolong Time

Tea Puns - Move Oolong, Nothing to Tea Here

Move Oolong,
Nothing To Tea Here

Tea Quotes - I have been Waiting Oolong long time for this - Tea puns

I Have Been Waiting Oolong Time For This

Thank you for joining us on this pun-filled adventure! If you’re interested, check out our 13 Excep-tea-onally Tea-riffic Tea Quotes. Until we meet again, may your days be steeped in laughter, your conversations be brimming with wit, and your cups of tea be always matcha better with a dash of punny goodness. Have a brew-ti-ful day!

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