Teapro 2018 Aged Shou Mei White Tea Mini Cakes | Limited Edition



Our Limited Edition Aged Shou Mei white tea mini cakes are made using the leaves of Xiao Bai tea tree. Once picked they are naturally withered and dried in the sun. Each tea ball is handmade and weighs approximately 6g.

🌱  origin: Fujian Province, China

🌱  type: White tea

🌱  year: 2018

🌱   picked: Spring

🌱  flavour: vanilla, sweet, nutty,

🌱  aroma: oak, orchid, honey


This purchase will earn you 10-70 Points!
This purchase will earn you 10-70 Points!

Shou Mei White Tea

Shou Mei is harvested later in the season than other White teas and tends to contain comparatively darker, more mature leaves. Also known as “Longevity Eyebrow”, shou mei tea leaves are thought to resemble the shape of an eyebrow and it’s flavour is reminiscent of lighter oolong teas and has a darker liquor.


This tea is made of aged leaves, its intense honey aroma, rich mellow flavour, exceptional smoothness is greatly balanced with a long lingering sweetness. It brews up an amber infusion with a bright and fruit-like character that leaves no heaviness on your pallet.

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How to Brew White Tea Like a Teapro

add 1 mini tea cake

heat water to 85C

infuse for 3 min

re-steep up to 5 times


3pc, 5pcs, 20pcs


compostable pouch, glass jar


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