Whole Plant Yerba Mate


A Paraguayan whole plant yerba mate with a fresh, grassy flavour, suitable for making hot mate or ice cold refreshing tereré. Paraguayan’s can be credited with the invention of the tereré and this authentic full plant tea has classic regional flavours. 

🌱    origin: Paraguay

🌱   type: Herbal

🌱    flavour: fresh, grassy, hay

This purchase will earn you 3-11 Points!
This purchase will earn you 3-11 Points!

Whole Plant Yerba Mate

Un-roasted, whole plant Mate from Paraguay.

Completely smoke-free organic Mate is a healthy stimulating substitute for coffee, popular amongst sportspeople due to the calm energy boost with high levels of caffeine and L-theanine
This herbal tea is also available in the Yerba Mates Box and is also recommended for curing your Gourd.

Yerba Mate Plantation - teapro

new to yerba mate?

Elevate your experience with our easy-to-use, stylish teaware.


prepare your yerba mate the traditional way

The teapro Calabash Gourd and Bombilla are a unique, all natural, traditional tea-ware from South America. 


for teapros who are always on-the-go

Enjoy yerba mate wherever you go with our easy-to-clean 320ml double-wall glass infuser bottle. 


the most stylish way to store yerba mate

Our luxurious glass jars with air-tight acacia wooden lid are a great way to keep your tea fresh for longer.

How To Brew Mate Like a Teapro


30g, 140g, 280g


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