All You Need To Know About Clouds and Mist Green Tea

Unveilng the mystery of our Clouds & Mist green tea, included in our Shades of Green box. 

What is Clouds & Mist?

Our incredible Clouds & Mist comes from Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China. “Clouds & Mist” is the translation of Yun Wu, a Chinese expression describing two kinds of condensation happening together in mountainous areas with higher humidity which is ideal for finer tea farming. 

The name Ya’an comes from the sea of clouds surrounding the mountain peaks on which this tea is grown. Ya’an is a captivating place, home to the giant panda and the original home of tea farming. It is one of China’s traditional imperial tribute tea areas. 





Ya’an has the perfect weather conditions for tea growing with the rivers and lakes creating clouds and mist on the high altitudes of the mountains. Harvested in the first flush, this unique aromatic sweet tea has spread across other regions including Jiangxi, and Zhejiang province. 

The Lu Mountains in Zhejiang Province have a similar weather and the regions tea planting can be traced back to the Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago. The famous Buddhist monk, Hui Yuan was living in the Lu Mountains and was known for planting the seeds of tea trees as well as Buddhism in the area. 


Flavour Profile

Clouds & Mist has sweet, mellow, earthy flavour with a slight toasted pecan smell.



A young monk asked his master Lao Cha: 

– Sensei, why does the Cloud Tea have such an exquisite taste?

 – The secret lies in its name: it grows on top of the Mountain, covered from harsh sun rays by the clouds and mist from nearby rivers and lakes. The seeds of this tea were planted by Buddhist monks hundreds of years ago. It’s no wonder that its mellow and long-lasting flavor is comparable to the flavour of Buddhism itself.

Processing of Clouds & Mist

The processing of Clouds & Mist follows these 5 steps: 

1. Harvest – a bud and a few leaves are picked from each plant

2. Withering – the leaves are left to wilt for several hours to reduce their water content

3. Stop Oxidation – heat is applied to stop enzymes from browning the leaf


4. Shaping – the leaves are rolled or flattened depending on the desired tea style 

5. Final Drying – the tea is dried with hot air to reduce the moisture to less than 5%

Brewing tips

Here are some brewing tips to help you get the most enjoyment out of your Clouds and Mist.

The “Western style”

Steep 3 grams ( 1 tbsp) per 350ml (teapro infuser glass) water at 80°C.

Infuse for 2-3 minutes for the first infusion and around 3-6 minutes for a second and a third times.

The “Asian style” or “Gong-fu”

Steep 6 grams (2 tbsp) in 150ml water (medium sized Gaiwan) at 80°C for approximately 20-30 seconds. 

Infuse 6-8 times and add 5-10 seconds for each consecutive re-steep.

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