Shades of Green Tea Discovery Gift Box


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Immerse yourself in teapro’s luxurious shades of green tea. A selection of our favourite delicious green teas sourced from small Chinese and Japanese tea farms.

This purchase will earn you 19-35 Points!
This purchase will earn you 19-35 Points!

monkey king

Bring in the Monkey King. Also known as Taiping Houkui this Chinese Green tea get its unique form by being pressed flat between layers of cloth in a bamboo basket and then gently roasted over a charcoal fire. Reminiscent of green hay, you will watch the leaf disappear under the water line from a height. This unmistakably unique fresh, refreshing and calming green tea is grown on the northern slopes of Tai Ping County.

Weight: 10g

clouds & mist


Ya’An, located in Sichuan province is characterised by high altitudes and dense alpine fogs, explaining its name which translates as “Cloud Fog” or “High Mount Cloud Mist”. The tea has sweet floral aromas and dark nutty flavours in a fine balance. Ya’an is a fascinating place where giant panda were first discovered and is further the original home of tea farming.

Weight: 15g

dragon well


From the mountains around Xihu, (West) Lake, near the temple of Long Jing (Dragon Well), this world famous green tea is the one that compelled us to start our tea journey many moons ago and still delivers for us a harmony of sweet, mellow and grassy aromas and a visually beautiful shape. 

Weight: 15g



Gyokuro translates as “jade dew” and is made from the earliest spring flush leaves. Grown in the shade, this tea is harvested by way of “tana” a traditional Japanese method of tea production involving straw coverings. The shade boost theanine and caffeine whilst decreasing catechins that characterise bitter green teas. Smooth blossom aromas meet a delicate seaweed and steamed green finish.

Weight: 15g

add a 3-piece infuser glass for easy brewing


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9 reviews for Shades of Green Tea Discovery Gift Box

  1. C

    I received the green tea box which was delivered really quickly & the contents were well presented. The 4 different flavours of green tea were really nice & I love that the first box comes with the diffuser glass so you have everything you need. This is such a great way to try different loose tea’s flavours.

  2. Anastasiya

    This is a delicious and tasteful selection of green tea! We made a new habit of drinking this tea with our dinner meal instead of sugary juices or fizzy drinks. Also, I adore my new glass infuser – such a beautiful and high-quality essential piece.

  3. Rada

    Amazing, high quality natural teas

    I’m really happy with my box and the infuser glass is so handy to have. Also I’m very impressed with the eco friendly packaging. They make a beautiful present.

    Highly recommended

  4. Nikki Tanner

    This is a wonderful set of teas! Such a great box, really tasty teas. Love the infuser glass too!

  5. James A

    What a wonderful collection of green tea. I really enjoyed the taste and the tea unboxing experience.

    The infuser glass is so aesthetic too!

  6. Alex Mowatt

    Thoroughly enjoying my green tea box & infuser glass. Fab for a chilled night after a hectic day or to start my morning! Love the infuser glass as well – makes brewing loose leaf tea a dream!

  7. Kana

    absolutely love this brand !!! their tea subscription box is amazing, you will get free infuser glass for your first purchase if you have subscribed them. The green tea taste so nice and amazing and the infuser glass is super useful!

  8. Ash Penty-Williams

    As someone who has always loved tea, I am so excited by Teapro. Being able to learn about a new variety of tea each month with guided tasting notes to really deepen your understanding of tea varieties.

    The glass cup you get with the first month is brilliant, works so well and is really easy to use. The double wall means your tea stays nice and hot too.

    I started with the green tea pack and all 4 have been great, lovely flavours and a nice way to explore the differences within the green tea family.

    Can’t wait for next month.

  9. Lorna Herbert

    Delicious selection of green teas, the Monkey blend is definitely my favourite. The variety in the box is varied with a ‘taste’ for everyone. It’s a perfect way to sample lots of new and unknown teas.

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