Infuser Bottle – teapro on the go


With our 3 piece infuser bottle, brewing loose leaf on the go just became a whole lot easier!

   320ml glass: Watch your gorgeous loose leaf unfurl as it steeps

   double wall: Insulates your drink keeping it hot and easy to hold

   no leaks: Screw the glass tightly and use with total confidence

   easy to cleanUnique flat infuser design means cleaning is effortless and tea leaves don’t get through


Just because you are on the go, should not stop you from enjoying your favourite loose leaf tea.

Our easy to clean glass infuser bottle allows you to watch your gorgeous leaves unfurl in a portable and compact tea travel bottle.


The bottom double wall glass chamber insulates the tea, keeping the glass surface cool for holding. The sturdy wooden style middle seal is strong and should be firmly tightened whilst the single wall chamber around the tea leaves allows heat to escape and controls pressure inside the bottle.

The infuser has a unique 3 slit fine mesh to control the movement of fine leaf particles from ending up in your tea. It also allows you to control the water transferring through the chambers and ensures that your infuser does not get clogged using a tilt motion.


Caution, once boiling the single glass will get hot. Handle carefully and do not exceed boiling temperature. 

Coast around

Just Bottle, add cork coaster (+£2.50)


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