Tie Guan Yin – Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong


Tie Guan Yin, which can be translated as Iron Goddess of Mercy is one of China’s most renowned oolong teas originating in the 19th century in Fujian Province. The tea imparts a wonderfully creamy texture with a rich floral flavour.

🌱   origin: Anxi County, Fujian Province, China

🌱  type: Oolong tea

🌱  picked: Spring

🌱  flavour: honey, creamy, complex

🌱  aroma: floral, grassy


This purchase will earn you 4-32 Points!
This purchase will earn you 4-32 Points!

Iron Goddess of Mercy

Tie Guan Yin is a semi-oxidized (20-25%) oolong, with flavour profile closer to green (not oxidised) than to black tea (fully oxidised).

The legend

In the 1800’s in Anxi, a legend tells of a poor tea farmer called Wei who happened upon a neglected Iron (Tie) shrine to Guanyin (Goddess of mercy). 

After painstaking restoration over many months, the Goddess
Guanyin appeared to Wei in his sleep, leading him to a small green shoot near the Iron shrine.

Taking the shoot, and planting in his tea field, a leaf emerged with such incredible flavour that it made the farmer very successful. To show his gratitude, the farmer called this varietal TieGuanYin.

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How to Brew Oolong Like a Teapro

add 3-4 g tea leaves

heat water to 85C

infuse for 3 min

re-steep up to 3 times


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