Yerba Mate Bamboo Bambilla Straw


The teapro Bamboo Bambilla (also known as bombilla) is a unique all-natural traditional Yerba Mate Straw, used by local tribes of South America for thousands of years to drink Yerba Mate.

🧉 origin: Brazil

🧉 type: tea-ware


This purchase will earn you 9-21 Points!
This purchase will earn you 9-21 Points!

All Natural Bamboo Bambilla

The teapro Bamboo Bambilla (bombilla) is a unique all natural traditional tea-ware of South America.

Used by local tribespeople for thousands of years, this bamboo bambilla pairs perfectly with our calabash gourds to create a symphony of trational Yerba Mate teaware.

Yerba Mate is loved across South America and the Bamboo Bambilla is the perfect straw to enjoy your Mate in a uniquely authentic, sustainable way.

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How to Make Yerba Mate like a Teapro

Make a Kit

Just bambilla, add gourd (+£12), add curing mate (+£2), add both (+£14)


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