we’re teapro

….also, we’re Tom and Tatjana and we LOVE tea.
And not just any tea – we’re obsessed with good quality pure loose leaf tea!
But it hasn’t always been this way.

rediscovering tea

Living in the UK, we naturally always thought of ourselves as “expert” tea drinkers. And why wouldn’t we? Our tea intake has always been rather high and we knew exactly when to take out the teabag to stop our tea from becoming too bitter.

One day we spontaneously wandered into an artisan tea shop and being in a rather adventurous mood, decided to buy a pouch of loose leaf Longjing green tea. Needless to say, the grassy fresh aroma blew us away!
So we started wondering, what other amazing teas are missing out on?
Turns out: LOADS!

our journey

Excited to explore the tea world in more depth, we started going to tea tastings and tea festivals, connecting with lots of amazing tea connoisseurs and brands. However, the more teas we tried, the more intimidated we got by the sheer number of its types and styles.
So we decided to create something, that we wish we had when we started!

become a teapro with us

Taste high quality premium teas in a structured way.  

Understand what tea styles exist and what makes them unique. 

Learn to distinguish good teas and understand their flavours. 

Learn cool facts and trivia on tea and become a teapro! 

tea brand?

We’re always on the lookout for great tea brands. If your tea tastes exceptional and needs to be drunk by more people, drop us a line!

tea blogger?

If you love tea as much as we do and would like to get involved as a tea blogger or reviewer, don’t hesitate to contact us!